About us

Necessity was the mother of StockManager. After a number of years trying to find a simple, easy way of collecting and using livestock data to make decisions, Dan was out of good options. He was discussing the problem with Jim (WWOOFing @Island Hills at the time) and they conceived the idea of leveraging a mobile device to be the "hub" for collecting, analyzing and acting on data rather than the current generation of tools which required the management of "session" .csv files between devices and systems to do this. Further, with the data standardized and synchronized to the web, farmers could easily share their data with other stakeholders in their business and the combined database could be used to provide real time benchmarking information to farmers.

Over the course of the next 5 years, Jim and Dan recruited a team of Android and Web developers to build out & test the solution. The development team members shown below are all equity owners. With their dedication, the team has combined many of the functions of a high end weigh indicator with modern mobile & cloud technology to deliver a simpler, easier to use and more cost effective solution.

Now Dan can truly understand the performance of his sheep & cattle to easily make optimal breeding/culling decisions based on fact, in real time. He can quickly see which groups of animals are getting low on feed, how much feed they require, where they can get it on the farm and for how long. In addition, all of the onerous industry compliance requirements are automated as part of daily farm work.  

Our overarching goal is to provide simple, cost effective solutions for livestock farmers to help them:

  • Optimize critical decisions at the point in time they need to make them

  • Improve the profitability, and profit predictability, of their farms

  • Identify & share best practices with other farmers 

  • Meet current & future market requirements while maintaining low cost producer status

  • Attract younger generations to farming through technology tools and enable farm succession potential to be realised

  • Minimize administrative & regulatory compliance effort and help get it done during the day

We look forward to you joining us on our journey.

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