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Farm Settings


This screen provides settings used to determine the stock class of animals and to calculate feed requirements for groups of animals. The screen shown below contains the default settings for all animal types and genders.

To change any setting, select the button containing the value. This will present a numerical keypad to enter an updated value. The top of the keypad will display the acceptable range for entries. After you have entered the value, simply select the SET button which will remove the keypad and update the value shown.


Stock Class Settings 

This section displays the current stock class conversion ages for different animal types and provides the ability to modify these. These conversion ages are used in conjunction with the animal's birth date in the following ways in the application:

  • Individual Animal Records - Displays the animal's current stock class if it has a birth date set in it's individual record

  • Filters - Filter individual animal records with birth date entries by stock class for adding common data to all or to calculate associated metrics 

  • Drafting - Draft individual animals with birth date entries by stock class


  • The Calf and Lamb buttons are disabled but shown to provide a complete list of stock classes in the system

  • The acceptable range allowed for any stock class conversion month entry will be from 1 month above the entry to the left and one less than the entry to the right (except Mixed age which will have a set limit of 36)

Stock Class

Feed Planning Settings

This section displays the settings that are used to calculate feed requirements for groups of animals in the Feed Planning screen. These can be adjusted based on farm and breed characteristics unique to the farm that the tablet is configured for. 

Feed Planning
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