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Account Setup


The StockManager application is currently in beta testing. If you are interested in leveraging StockManager to improve your livestock performance, please add your information on the following page to be notified when the application is available in your area. 


To get started with StockManager, an account needs to be setup at Once the account is setup, you can setup farms, assign them to the account and then setup as many tablets as you would like for each farm.

The system is designed to setup an account for billing and then add one or more farms to it. This enables the ability to view consolidated data across multiple farms from the web portal - e.g. total counts, counts by stock class, average weight by stock class, etc.

Sign Up Process

Sign Up Process

NOTE: The following pages are limited to StockManager administration until the end of the beta testing period:

  1. Open the Signup process on the web portal (restricted to StockManager administration currently)

  2. This opens the following page

  3. Once you complete all required fields (all except Address Line 2), the SIGN UP button will enable (turn green)

  4. Select SIGN UP, which will:

  • Check credit card for validity

  • If valid, will create your user account and billing account

  • Bring you to the Sign In screen to sign into your account 

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