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Account Setup


The StockManager application is available exclusively through vets as a component of their livestock service offering. If you are interested in leveraging StockManager to improve your livestock performance, please see the following page to find certified vets in your area or to add your information to be notified when we add certified vets in your area. 


To get started with StockManager, an account needs to be setup at Once the account is setup, you can setup farms, assign them to the account and then setup as many tablets as you would like for each farm.

The system is designed for vets to be able to setup an account for billing and then add client farms to it. This enables the ability to view consolidated data across multiple client farms from the web portal - e.g. total counts, counts by stock class, average weight by stock class, etc.


Sign Up Process

NOTE: StockManager administration will work with vets to complete the following steps:

  1. Open the Signup process on the web portal (restricted to StockManager administration currently)

  2. This opens a wizard to walk through the sign up process

  3. The first page outlines that the Android tablet application only supports specific tablets, auto-drafters, EID readers and weigh indicators provides a link to the supported devices to check before you proceed with account sign up. The compatibility list can be found here.

  4. The next page is where you enter the required information to establish an account including:

    • Account Owner name

    • Company name & postal code

    • Email address

    • Password

    • Mobile phone number

  5. The next page outlines a summary of the features of a StockManager subscription, subscription fees, terms and conditions and privacy policy. It also provides a tool to estimate your monthly subscription fees.

    • Note: This will be changed to reflect the final pricing terms that are still to be defined​

  6. The next page is where payment details (limited to credit cards) are entered. This step will validate the credit card but will not process billing until an agreed upon billing start date has been met. 

  7. The next page is where details for the initial farm are entered including the farm name, postal code and farm manager credentials. There is a checkbox to select to use the account owner credentials entered on step #4. If another user email is entered for farm manager, they will receive an email with a link to accept the invitation. Once they click on the provided link, they will be brought to a screen on the web portal where they can finish their account setup (if new) and accept the invitation. 

  8. The last page outlines the next steps to get your tablet setup and start using it. The first step of this is to download the StockManager Android tablet application and install it on your tablet. Click here to get details on this process.