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  • The application is currently in closed beta mode which restricts Google Play listing access to emails added to the app whitelist. 

  • Vets can provide the gmail addresses of tablets for client farms registered in New Zealand or the United States to StockManager administration to add these to the closed beta whitelist.

The StockManager Android tablet application is available from the Google Play store application on your tablet. To get started:

1. Get a supported Android tablet 

2. Setup your Android tablet with a gmail account (During closed beta, vets should provide this gmail address to StockManager administration to add to the whitelist)

3. StockManager administration will send a link to the Gmail address provided

4. Open Gmail from the tablet associated with the Gmail address provided 

5. Click on the link in the email which will present the following screen

6. Click on the "BECOME A TESTER" button which will present the following screen.

7. Click on "download it on Google Play" which will present the following screen.

8. Simply select the INSTALL button

9. When the installation is complete, this button will change to OPEN

10. Select OPEN to start the SIGNUP process on the tablet application. Click here for support documentation on this process.