Initial Sign Up


The first time the StockManager Android application is opened on the tablet, the signup process needs to be completed. This process establishes credentials of the owner or farm manager on the tablet and enables the application setup so that it works effectively with the web portal and other tablets on the farm



After opening the StockManager Android application the first time from the tablet, you will be presented with the following screen with a few dialog boxes presented asking you to allow access to the device's location and files on the device. These are required to make the application work on the device. Please select ALLOW on both dialog boxes and then the SIGNUP button to get started


1. The first screen will look similar to what is presented below.

2. Complete the following screens in the SIGNUP wizard:

  • First Name - first name of farm manager

  • Last Name - last name of farm manager

  • Email - email of account owner or assigned farm manager. This must exactly match the email of the user on the web portal for the farm.

  • Password - password of account owner or assigned farm manager. This must exactly match the password of the user on the web portal for the farm.

  • Recovery Question* - Select a question that you will remember the answer to.

  • Recovery Answer* - Enter the answer to the question you selected.

  • Terms of Use - Review the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and select NEXT if you agree

  • Review - review the entries that you made and select COMPLETE to confirm. This will automatically sign you in to the app and bring you to the Home Screen

This completes the initial tablet sign up. Click here for support documentation on initial configuration priorities

*Note - The Recovery Question and Answer provided is used for the Forgot Password functionality. If you forget your password and need to sign in to the application, select Forgot Password. This will present the question you entered for you to enter the answer. If you answer this correctly, it will allow you to enter a new password. If the Farm security role (i.e. farm manager) resets their password on the tablet, they will also need to do this on the web portal for the tablet application to function correctly.