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This screen enables you to create, view and manage a list of Groups in the system that can then be used later for data entry, drafting and analysis. 

There are two types of Groups in the system:

  • ID Groups

    • Can only be assigned to animals with individual records (based on EID &/or VID tags)​

    • Is added as a data entry to the animal's record - i.e. similar to a weight or condition score entry

    • An animal can be assigned to multiple groups. To remove them from a group, just delete the entry from the record

    • Can be used as a filter - need to define the date range that the Group was assigned to the animal's record or choose the Current option to filter animals with a specific ID Group or Groups as their last Group entry

    • Can be used as a drafting criteria - need to define the same parameters as filters

  • Non-ID Groups

    • Can be used to capture data on animals without individual records

    • Is limited to capturing data that applies to the whole group - e.g. Breed, Average Weight, Average Condition Score

    • A Configured Event for Non-ID Groups can capture individual animal data during the event such as weights but will only store the averages for the group in the Non-ID Group record​


Viewing Groups

The first time the Group Settings button is selected from the Home screen after implementation, it will present a screen only showing three default Non-ID Groups. One for each animal type and all are assigned Group Year 9999 and Group Name UNIDENTIFIED.

These groups automatically capture the data for animals in Configured Events with EID or VID as Identification Method when the transaction is completed without an EID or VID being captured. This provides the ability to see the count of these transactions and any Non-ID data that can be captured - e.g. average weight, etc.

After Groups have been created and animals assigned to them, the page will look similar to what is shown below. The information displayed is as follows:

  • ADD GROUP button - initiates a wizard to create a new Group

  • Group Type - displays the Group Type - options are ID or Non-ID

  • Animal Type - displays the Animal Type of the Group - options are Cattle, Deer or Sheep

  • Group Year - displays the year assigned to the Group

  • Animal Count - displays the current number of animals assigned to the Group

    • ​If the animal count is greater than zero, a hyperlink will be displayed​. If selected it will:

      • Open the Non-ID Group record if the Group Type is Non-ID​

      • Open the Animal Analysis screen with the Group filter pre-selected

  • Group Name - displays the name assigned to the Group

    • Note: this needs to be unique in combination with Group Type - Animal Type - Group Year​

  • Overflow Icon (3 small dots at end of row) - will present a "Disable" option to disable the Group

    • This is not available for Non-ID UNASSIGNED Groups

Viewing Groups
Creating Groups

Creating Groups

To create a new Group:

1. Select the ADD GROUP button

2. This will open a wizard to enter

  • The Group Type - either ID or Non-ID

  • The Animal Type

  • The Group Year

  • The Group Name

  • Note: The system will check to make sure that the combination of these 4 items are unique. If they are not, it will ask you to modify your entries. ​

3. After you select COMPLETE, the wizard will be removed and the Group details will be added to a new row below the header

Managing Groups

Managing Groups

Depending of farming practices, the list of Groups may grow very large over the course of a year, or number of years. To help manage this, we have provided the ability to disable and enable Groups. To do this:

  1. Select the three small dots at the end of the row

  2. Select Disable - this will remove the Group from the list

  3. To see all disabled Groups,  select the three small dots at the top right of the screen and select Show Disabled

  4. This will display disabled Groups which can be easily differentiated based on light gray (vs. black) text
  5. To enable disabled items, select the three dots at the end of the row - this will show Enable​
  6. Select this and the Group will be enabled (indicated by black vs. light gray text and Disable vs. Enable menu option)

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