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Data Entry Methods


Making effective, objective breeding, feeding and sale decisions requires accurate, up to date data on animals but the process of collecting it can be cumbersome without the right tools. To address this, we have developed a variety of ways to quickly and accurately collect data based on the scenarios you commonly encounter on your farm.


Animal / Non-ID Group

This screen enables you to quickly lookup and review the historical record of an individual animal or Non-ID Group and add data to it. Also, if the tag details you enter for an individual animal are not found, it will enable you to create a new animal based on this data in one step.. 

Filtered Animal List

This screen enables you to quickly add the same data to a subset of animals in the database that have the same historical attributes. Simply filter the database by common attributes, check the resulting count, view the animal list details and, once confirmed, select the data element and value to add. This will add the data element and value to the individual animal records of all animals in the filtered list.

Configured Events

This screen enables you to customize a data entry screen for collecting unique data for individual animals in a continuous/consecutive process.

Data collection can be performed using any combination of the following three methods:

  • Automated using connected bluetooth devices (limited to EID and weight)

  • Manual selection buttons or entries

  • Default data that is added to all individual records

In addition, the data collected in the event and/or historical data can be used to determine drafting of animals during the event.

EID Reader File Import

This screen enables you to connect to a Bluetooth enabled EID Reader, view sessions on the reader and import the session details. If animals on the session file are not currently in StockManager, they will be automatically added along with any default data that you choose to add to all animals on the session file.  session file to import

Import Records

This web portal function enables you to import records from other sources and systems into StockManager using the application standards so historical information can be used right away for analysis and drafting.  

Entry Methods

Comparison Chart

Comparison Chart

                                                Individual        Non-ID Group    Create New             Draft                  Delete            Delete Data           Merge                  View

                                                  Animal            Data Entry           Individual             Animals              Animals              Entries                  Tags                Records

                                               Data Entry                                        Animals

Animal / Non-ID Group                Y                          Y                         Y                                                 Y                          Y                         Y                          Y 

Filtered Animal List                       Y                         N                         N                        N                         N                         N                         N                         N

Configured Events                        Y                          Y                         Y                         Y                         N                         N                         Y                          Y

EID Reader File Import                 Y                         N                         Y                         N                        N                          N                        N                         N   

Import Records (web)                  Y                                                 Y                         N                        N                         N                         N                         N  

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