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Paddock Inventory


This screen provides a simple way to capture attributes about each of your paddocks and easily update them to monitor production and available feed. The paddocks added and updated here provide:

  • The basis for determining rolling 12 month paddock production (kg DM & MJME) and $/MJME per paddock in the Paddock / Feed Costs screen

  • The available kg DM, MJME and feed days in the Feed Planning screen

  • Notes

    • The Available kg DM and MJ metrics displayed on this screen are based on:

      • The most recent Paddock Inventory​ updates PLUS

      • Daily growth assigned to Paddocks. Note: The growth rate assigned to the paddock at the end of the day is what is used to calculate the incremental kg DM and MJME for the following day (in case it is updated multiple times in a day)

    • The consumption of animals assigned to Paddocks in the Feed Planning screen does not affect the Available kg DM or MJME in this screen

    • There are many abbreviations used in this and other Feed Planning screens, click here for definitions.

This page covers:

  1. How to add a Paddock

  2. How to update a Paddock

  3. How to add and adjust Growth Rate for Paddocks

  4. How to disable and enable a Paddock


Add Paddock

The first time the Paddock Inventory button is selected from the Home screen after installation, it will present the following screen.

Add Paddock

To add a Paddock

1. Select the ADD PADDOCK button

2. This will open a wizard to enter

  • Paddock Name - the system will check that entry is unique. If it is a duplicate to an existing Paddock, it will ask you to modify your entry..

  • Productive Area (ha)

  • Terrain - options: Flat - < 7º of mean paddock slope, Rolling - 7º - 15º of mean paddock slope, Steep - 15º - 25º of mean paddock slope and High Country - > 25º of mean paddock slope. Click here for a map of New Zealand showing slope by geography.                                            

  • Forage Type - options: Crops, Green Feeds, Herbs, Lucerne or Pasture

  • Forage - options to select from will be based on Forage Type selected previously

  • ME - a default amount will be pre-populated based on Forage selected with the option to manually modify this based on provided references

  • kg DM/ha - depending on the Forage selected, this will present one of the following options:

    • Source of kg DM/ha​ - the following Forage Type/Forage combinations the following tools to calculate the kg DM/ha (Herbs-Plantain, Lucerne-all, Pasture-all)

      • Height conversion​ - enter up to 8 sample heights and the tool will calculate the average kg DM/ha for the Forage

      • Plate meter measurements - enter up to 8 plate meter measurements and the tool will calculate the average kg DM/ha for the Forage

    • kg DM/ha - a blank field to enter this based on the measurement method described on the screen

  • Stock Out Level (kg DM/ha) - Depending on the Forage Type/Forage and method for determining the kg DM/ha, this will either present

    • A blank field to enter the stock out height and the tool will calculate the kg DM/ha

    • A blank field to directly enter the stock out kg DM/ha based on the references provided

  • Utilization % - a default amount will be pre-populated with the option to manually modify this based on provided references.

3. After you select COMPLETE, the wizard will be removed and some of the wizard entries will be added to a new row below the header along with calculations of Available kg DM and Available MJME for the Paddock

Update Paddock

Selecting the three dots at the end of any Paddock row will present a menu with Update Paddock as one of the options. 

Update Paddock

To update a Paddock

1. Select the three dots at the end of the row button

2. This will open the same wizard that is used to add a paddock (described above) except each page will contain the latest details

3. Go through each of the wizard pages and update any of the existing information

4. Once you select COMPLETE from the Review screen, the system will

  • Update the Paddock row with current details and update the Available kg DM and MJME

  • Place a record of the updates in the Paddock history (see example below)

  • Change Growth Rate (day) for the paddock to zero


Note: Any paddock updates that result in a lower Available kg DM or MJME than the previous entry will result in the difference between the current and previous amounts being captured as paddock production. ​A running total of the previous 12 months production is displayed in the Paddock / Feed Costs screen.

Add Growth Rate

There are two ways to assign Growth Rates to paddocks with specific forages. 

  1. Select the GROWTH RATE button at the top of the page and enter a growth rate that will be assigned to all applicable paddocks on the farm

  2. Select the link below the Growth Rate (day) column header for applicable paddocks (indicated by displayed link) and enter a growth rate that will only be assigned to that paddock. NOTE: If GROWTH RATE button is utilized, it will overwrite any individual paddock Growth Rates entered.

Once a Growth Rate is assigned to a paddock it will be recorded in the paddock history, applied at the beginning of the next day and reflected in the Available kg DM and MJME up to a maximum kg DM/ha limit. Click here to see the list of forages that Growth can be applied to along with the corresponding maximum kg DM/ha limits.

To access paddock history, simply select the down (expand) arrow on the right hand side of the paddock row. This will display all paddock inventories and all growth entries from most recent on top to oldest at the bottom. The top row will show the most recent paddock inventory plus total growth since the last inventory.

Disable Paddock

Disable Paddock

  1. Select the three small dots at the end of the Paddock row

  2. Select Disable - this will remove the Paddock from the list

  3. To see all disabled Paddocks,  select the three small dots at the top right of the screen and select Show Disabled

  4. This will display disabled Paddocks which can be easily differentiated based on light gray (vs. black) text
  5. To enable disabled Paddocks, select the three dots at the end of the row - this will show Enable​
  6. Select this and the Paddock will be enabled (indicated by black vs. light gray text and Disable vs. Enable menu option)
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