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Prattley Autodrafter Update Process

We have partnered with Prattley to integrate the StockManager Android tablet application. As part of this process, P​rattley has updated their firmware to work with the application. Please follow the directions below to download and update the firmware version of your Prattley PAD6 control box.

1. Check to make sure that you have the correct USB cable to connect your drafter PAD6 control box to your PC computer. The picture below shows

    the connectors at the ends of the cord. The one on the left is referred to as USB Type A (connects to PC) and the one on the right is referred to as

    USB Type B (connects to the PAD6 control box).

2. Download the new latest firmware (12.113) to your PC. Click here to access the latest PAD6 firmware.

3. Unscrew the plastic cap off the PAD6 control box to uncover the USB Type A female plug. (Same location you connect the manual/remote) 

4. Connect the battery to the PAD6 control box and confirm it has power (indicator light).

5. Connect your PC computer to the PAD6 control box using the USB cord. 

6. Open the downloaded firmware file on your PC and select Run.

7. This will then prompt you to update the PAD6 on your PC

8. After you confirm, it should show a progress indicator (typically for less than a minute)9. When it is completed, it will show the following dialog     

    confirming the firmware has been updated. 

9. Press and hold the AUTO / SETUP button on the PAD6 control box for 10 seconds. This makes the PAD6 control box available for the StockManager

    tablet application to connect to via bluetooth. This only has to be done once. 

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