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Cloud Sync


This screen synchronizes data between the StockManager Android tablet application and the web portal. Once this is complete, the web portal will have all changes from the tablet since the last sync and the tablet will have all have all changes from the web portal and other farm tablets.

There are some rules that must be satisfied before the SYNC DATA NOW button will work

  1. Select Farm For Tablet - You must select a Farm for the tablet to sync data to. After the initial install, select the three small dots at the top left of the screen. Follow instructions listed here to complete this action. This will remove the wizard, will remove the Farm menu item from the list and change the SYNC DATA NOW button from gray (inactive) to green (active).  

  2. Connect to Internet - You must be connected to the internet to sync data. If you select the SYNC DATA NOW button without an internet connection, you will receive a short message prompting you to connect.

  3. Finish All Configured Events - You must have Finished all configured events that you have started before you sync. If you have an unfinished event (shows RESUME in Event Listing), you will be presented a dialog notifying you of this with a button that, if selected, will bring you to your unfinished events so you can finish them.


Sync Data

When you select the Cloud Sync button from the Home Screen you will be presented the following screen. To sync data:

  1. Make sure that you have met all the conditions above.

  2. Select the SYNC DATA NOW button

  3. This will present a dialog box showing the progress of the sync - specifically Connecting, Downloading Data and Uploading Data. The time to complete this step will depend on your internet connection and the amount of changes (on tablet and cloud) since the last sync.

  4. Once complete, the progress dialog box will be removed and a record of the download and upload details will be added to the list below the headers

  5. The information shown on the list is as follows:

  • Date:Time - the date & time that the download or upload completed​

  • The type of sync - either download changes from the cloud or upload tablet changes to the cloud

  • Status - currently either Complete or Failed

  • Details - this displays details associated with the upload or download transaction if something goes wrong to help with troubleshooting

  • Overflow menu (3 small dots on right side) - Displays a "Details" menu item. If selected it will show additional details for the sync (if available)

Sync Data
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