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Average Scan Result


This chart provides the ability to view average scan results by animal type each year vs. established goals. The chart is preset to the Last 3 Years timeframe but can be adjusted by selecting the down arrow to the right of this. 

The average scan result is calculated by totaling the numeric equivalent of scan result entries for the animal type (i.e. single = 1, twin = 2) for each year and dividing this by the number of entries for the year. 


Select the SETTINGS link on the bottom right of the chart to define scan result goals each year and to include Non-ID Animal entries in the calculation. Note: Including Non-ID Animal entries will take the average scan result recorded for a Non-ID Group and add it to ID animal scan results based on Non-ID Group count at the time the average scan result was recorded.

To include or exclude Non-ID Animal entries into the calculation, select or deselect this check box.

To establish an average scan result goal for an animal type for a year:

  • Select the "+" sign in the row corresponding to the animal type

  • This will display a new entry with the current year at the top and a default of "1" for scan result

  • To adjust, just place your cursor in the year or scan result line and adjust

  • To save your entries, select the SAVE button on the top right (this turns Green-enabled when a change is made)

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