Thanks for your interest in working with us to make StockManager better. Before we get into the group participation requirements, lets review what the profile validation process looks like. This should help you understand the commitments required from the group participants and the timing. 

  1. Review existing list of use cases & associated system requirements (i.e. what you do, challenges you have where automation could help (& how)

  2. Select use cases & system reqs that are in scope for the profile - identify which are mandatory (can do now) and which are desired (would like)

  3. Identify and document use cases & system requirements not in the existing list and categorize (mandatory/desired)

  4. Conduct a "paper" analysis of requirements - i.e. review StockManager capabilities relative to each requirement and complete an evaluation score

  5. Based on "paper" analysis, decide whether to proceed with on-site proof of concept (POC) test and, if so, define test setup & success criteria 

  6. Setup POC environment, conduct tests & complete evaluation

  7. Complete profile analysis & develop recommendations

  8. Conduct a POC review with all participants & collect feedback

  9. If positive result, plan rollout to all participant farms

  10. Coordinate with Services Partners to rollout to participant farms

  11. Conduct regular stakeholder feedback sessions to review new features and discuss enhancements roadmap


The list below outlines the requirements we have for new groups:

  • At least 8 participants and not more than 12

  • All participants share the same profile

  • At least 2 currently work with one of our Services Partners

  • All are located within 2-3 hour drive time of each other

  • One participant volunteers to lead the group - this means coordinating participants for calls, meeting 

  • One member volunteers to host the Proof of Concept testing on their farm

  • All members sign MOU agreeing to purchase a StockManager subscription at the end of the profile validation process if passed

Why participate?

  • Extended StockManager subscription free trial period for all participants

  • Participation in stakeholder group to help define roadmap for new features

  • At the end of the process, all participants will:

    • Have a better understanding of the automation opportunities within their operations

    • Have a clear understanding of how StockManager can or can't help them in these areas

    • Help out your fellow farmers

    • Stakeholder group participation wh

    • MORE

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