Group Weight Chart


This chart provides the ability to select an animal group and view its weight metrics over time vs. a defined weight gain goal. This can be used to help understand whether a group is gaining weight at a desired level, the weight distribution of the group at any point along with animal counts. 

Select Group

To choose a Group to analyze, select the Group Name link at the top of the chart (Note: this will display "GROUP NAME" if no previous event was selected and saved for the farm).

This will display an overlay dialog similar to what is shown below. To choose a specific Group for analysis, select the GROUP NAME box which will display a drop down list of all Groups by Animal Type (A-Z) - Group Year (Descending) - Group Name (A-Z). To limit the Group list displayed, use the Group Type, Animal Type or Group Year filters shown to the left of the Group Name drop down.  

To find a Group Name, scroll down the list or type the name in the selection box. This will limit the list to matching entries. Once you identify the Group you would like to view, select it. This will:

  • Place the Group Name in the selection box

  • Display any previously saved settings for the Group in the row below the box


Once a Group Name has been selected, the chart settings for the Group will be displayed. If no settings have been previously saved for the Group, these will be blank. 

The available chart settings are as follows:

  • Weight Goal Line - these attributes will define a plotted line for desired Group average weight over time. Note: If any entry is made, all other entries are required before SAVE enables

    • Goal Start Date​

    • Goal Start Weight

    • Goal End Date

    • Goal End Weight

  • Standard Deviation Range - this will plot a shaded area above and below Average Weight line displaying the weights of animals that fall within the standard deviation selected. This will help you understand whether the min/max weights shown are outliers or not.

    • Standard Deviation

      • Select 1 to show the min/max of animals that fall within 68% of all animals in the weighing event​ (Default)

      • Select 2 to show the min/max of animals that fall within 95% of all animals in the weighing event

Interpreting Chart

The chart displays 4 lines and a shaded area. These are as follows:

  • Yellow line - indicates the maximum weight for the Group for weighing events

  • Green line - indicates Group goal line as defined in Settings

  • Blue line - indicate the average weight for the Group for weighing events - hover over any point displayed on the line to see the animal count for the weighing event

  • Red line - indicates the minimum weight for the Group for weighing events