Farming. Simpler. Smarter

Actively collaborate with your vet on animal health and performance planning in real-time

Collect, analyze and share livestock data in real-time without CSV files

Use powerful drafting, grouping and feed planning tools to implement decisions

Monitor results over time versus goals and automated benchmarks


How It Works

Why StockManager?

Simple & future-proof

Intuitive, powerful and easy to learn design with regular, automated updates. We've built it for the long haul.   

No files to manage

All data is captured in a database that is synced to the cloud and between devices. Instantly leverage data to make better decisions, grant access to stakeholders and stop managing files.

Integrated toolset

​Collect, analyze and share data between functions, stakeholders and other systems. Integration with vet plans, treatment inventory, tag manufacturers and compliance systems.

What makes it different?

Traditional Livestock System

StockManager Livestock System

Why it matters



Data Management

Legacy File Based

Data is stored in session files (.csv) that need to be manually exported to other systems to analyze and share. This puts the burden on the user to effectively manage and protect files to be able to use them. 

Modern Mobile Database

Data is available on any device (tablet or web) for any user for analysis as soon as it is captured. No files to manage and automatic data protection. Integrated analysis, feed planning and inventory tools enable real-time decisions. 

Data Standardization


Users can define data elements and acceptable values by device. This restricts farmers ability to effectively compare data over time and requires manual processing for system integration and benchmarking.


An extensive set of data elements and acceptable values are standardized and inputs restricted. This ensures that as soon as data is captured, it can be used to filter, draft, calculate metrics & benchmarks and manage inventory.  

User Interface

Proprietary Interface

Users need to understand the unique interface design of each device before they can effectively use it. Typically, the interface is a combination of hard and soft keys with hard coded design that is not upgradeable.

Modern Mobile Interface

Android interface follows mobile design standards that anyone familiar with a smartphone will understand. The touch based interface is intuitive & design improvements 

can be easily deployed through Google Play.



Devices have a set lifespan and data capacity. A significant manual effort would be required to transfer data to a new device and potentially learn a new interface. If device is lost or broken there is a risk of complete data loss.

Built To Last

Tablet hardware can be easily replaced or upgraded as needed with a single touch required to restore all data and settings. Underlying software is constantly being kept up to date to take advantage of latest advances 

Everything you need to improve results

Smart, accurate data capture

Quickly and accurately capture animal, group & feed data. Setup any combo of  automated, default or manual entry. Import historic or device files.  We've made the process fast, flexible & simple. 

Powerful feed planning

Use animal data as soon as it is captured with integrated feed modeling tools to  determine the best paddock or feed store assignments. Assign groups to selections and actively monitor available feed.

Real-time decision support

Analyze any set or animals or groups by available attributes and quickly calculate metrics. Conduct robust side by side scenario modeling to identify projected and real impacts of different decisions.

Animal health planning

Collaborate with certified vets using our interactive Farm Plan. The tool helps you and your vet actively define, edit and monitor key farm and animal health events over the course of each year.

Simple, automated compliance

Built in compliance reporting that is a byproduct of routine StockManager usage for managing health treatments, animal / group records and animal status. No additional work is necessary.. 

Performance monitoring

Work with certified vets to setup a series of automated performance charts incorporating real-time, local benchmarks, jointly defined goals and actual farm performance.  

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