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Home Screen

Overflow Menu

The overflow menu is available on every screen and is accessed by selecting the 3 vertical dots at the top right of the screen. It contains the following menu items:

  • Home - provides an easy way to return to the Home screen from any screen

  • Register Tablet - this menu item is only shown before the tablet is registered. If selected, it will walk the user through entering their credentials and selecting a Farm to register the tablet to. Once this is completed successfully, this menu item will be removed.

  • Help - provides detailed instructions on the screen that you are currently on and allows you to navigate to help for other screens.Account - provides a logged in user the ability to change their login email, password or recovery question/answer

  • About - provides the Farm name that the tablet is assigned to, the subscription account status long with the release version of the app. 

  • Logout - logs the current user out of the app so other users can log in.

  • Send Report - this is used for remote troubleshooting


Animal Data Entry

Provides a variety of ways to quickly and accurately collect animal data based on the scenarios commonly encountered on farm including:

  • Animal / Non-ID Group - This screen enables you to quickly lookup and review the historical record of an individual animal or Non-ID Group and add data to it. Also, if the tag details you enter for an individual animal are not found, it will enable you to create a new animal based on this data in one step.

  • Filtered Animal List - This screen enables you to quickly add the same data to a subset of animals in the database that have the same historical attributes. Simply filter the database by common attributes, check the resulting count, view the animal list details and, once confirmed, select the data element and value to add. This will add the data element and value to the individual animal records of all animals in the filtered list.

  • Configured Events - This screen enables you to customize a data entry screen for collecting unique data for individual animals in a continuous/consecutive process. Data collection can be performed using any combination of the following three methods:

    • Automated using connected bluetooth devices (currently limited to EID and weight)

    • Manual selection buttons or entries

    • Default data that is added to all individual records

        In addition, the data collected in the event and/or historical data can be used to determine drafting of animals during the event.​

  • EID Reader File Import - This screen enables you to connect to a Bluetooth enabled EID Reader, view sessions on the reader and import the session details. If animals on the session file are not currently in StockManager, they will be automatically added along with any default data that you choose to add to all animals on the session file.  session file to import.

Animal Data Entry

Feed Planning

Provides a set of tools to capture and monitor current feed levels, allocate costs over paddocks and plan/monitor feed for 

  • Paddock Inventory - This screen enables you to add, update and monitor paddock feed levels including daily growth that is factored into annal production in the Paddock / Feed Costs screen and current feed levels for animals in the Feed Planning screen.  

  • Paddock / Feed Costs - This screen provides the ability to add paddock & feed costs, view rolling 12 month production & costs 

  • Feed Planning - This screen provides the ability to view the current details associated with paddocks and feed stores including the available feed, # of assigned animals and # of feed days remaining. Additionally, it provides a tool to accurately calculate the feed requirements for groups of animals and then assign them to paddocks or feed stores

Feed Planning

Decision Support

Provides a set of tools to analyze the animal data and improve decision making including:

  • Animal Analysis - Use filters to identify groups of animals with common attributes, view counts and individual animal attributes, then calculate metrics on filtered group. View the filtered list of animals and export a .csv file of them.

  • Event Analysis - Select one or more completed Configured Events, view counts, event details and calculate metrics for selected events.

  • Sale Analysis - Use filters to identify potential sale animals, enter abattoir schedule details, and use tools to model revenue under different scenarios.  

Decision Support
Data Settings

Data Settings

Provides a set of tools to customize tablet application with Farm specific data element listings, groups and health treatments.

  • Data Elements - Simplify the app by enabling or disabling available data elements and values that apply to your farm. 

  • Groups - Create unique ID Groups that can be added to animal records. Also, creation of Non-ID Groups that you can add data to.

  • Health Treatments - Enter and manage an inventory of health treatments and associated purchases that can then be added to animal records. 

Application Settings

Application Settings

Provides a set of tools to configure the tablet for use on the farm.

  • Bluetooth - Discover, pair and connect Auto-Drafters, EID Tag Readers and Weigh Indicators. Test connection and functionality of each independently.

  • Cloud Sync - initiate a cloud data sync to ensure all devices have the same data. View a complete device sync history.

  • Farm Settings - Set stock class and feed planning constants used in the application.

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