One simple tool to help you improve your livestock results 

Make StockManager your farm’s livestock data hub. Eliminate time managing .csv files and use it to make better, data driven decisions that improve behind-the-gate performance.

What is StockManager?

StockManager is your farm’s livestock information hub. We make it easy to quickly capture accurate livestock, feed and treatment data in one central place—with no .csv files to manage or clumsy interfaces to navigate—to empower you to make the right, informed calls on your stock.

Step 1: Collect

Collect animaI, feed & treatment data manually or auto-populate it with Bluetooth integration to your EID readers & scales - all offline. Sync data to the web portal with one touch when back online. 

Step 3: Act

Draft animals into Groups, administer treatments, move to paddocks or off farm based on data driven to decisions.

Step 2: Decide

Analyze data to confidently make feed, treatment & sale decisions. Plan implementation steps and share with your team.

Step 4: Monitor

Leverage analysis tools, charts and notifications to see the impact of your decisions and prompt actions.

What makes StockManager different?

Easy to use

Powerful functionality packaged in a simple, intuitive interface.

Remove the guesswork

Having your farm's livestock plans and data at your fingertips makes it easy to see what requires your attention.

Stop wrestling with files

All data is standardized and captured in a modern database that is synced with one touch. No import, export or management of .csv files is required. 


Turn farm data into farm knowledge

StockManager manages your EID reader and weigh scale to become the heart of your livestock operation. Tag details and weights are auto-populated in StockManager where they are combined with manual and default data to provide a detailed record of animals and groups. Additional tools automate the collection of paddock, feed and treatment details to provide a comprehensive view of planning data. 

 Leverage the StockManager tablet or web app to manage your stock on the farm or at home.


See the big picture and prioritize your efforts

With all your data integrated in a single place and accessible to powerful analysis tools, you can quickly spot issues and determine the best course of action. Plan, share and monitor actions with collaborative planning tools. 


Coordinate resources to drive results

Once plans are in place, carry them out by coordinating your extended team and leveraging StockManager tools. Invite your staff, veterinarians, and processors into the picture to make sure the work gets done according to plan - a win-win for everyone involved.


StockManager’s data is standardized so that it seamlessly integrates with any other farm planning tools in your workflow.


Collaborate with vets on animal performance plans, forecast

treatment and service events and compliance management. Leverage their expertise in a way that delivers results for you.

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Help processors help you by providing better planning and animal data, improving revenue prospects and ease of mind for everyone. 

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Immediately view results and progress to goals

View the impact of better decisions and coordinated planning on livestock performance. Set up a customized farm dashboard of charts that automatically update results versus goals and benchmarks.

Use additional analysis tools to analyze and model various scenarios to facilitate better decisions. Leverage a series of available notifications to prompt action when pre-defined thresholds have been met.  

With your stock's performance planned and monitored, your behind the gate results will improve and you'll have more time to spend on what matters most. 

Built for farmers, by farmers

We believe digital tools should make farming easier, not harder. Built from a foundation of multi-generational farm experience, StockManager provides farmers with modern solutions to support modern farming. 

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