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Animal Health - Needs updating



Animal Health is supported in StockManager through the following integrated functions:

  • Health Treatment inventory that captures all details of health treatments on hand

  • Animal Health Plan that defines health treatments by date, stock class and dosage

  • Display of health treatment and dosage by animal (calculated on individual weight) and automated capture of details to animal record

  • Alerts and automated drafting of animals in withholding periods

  • Notifications of expired treatments and low inventory (current and planned based on AHP & current stock attributes)

  • Traceability & compliance reports showing date, health treatment, quantity, batch # and expiration date by animal ID or Non-ID Group


Health Treatment Inventory

The Health Treatment screen in the tablet application and web portal includes an inventory of health treatments and associated purchases.

For Health Treatments, the system captures:

  • Treatment Name - a unique name of the product

  • Unit of Measure

  • RVM - whether the treatment is a restricted veterinary medicine

  • Withholding Periods - for Meat, Milk and Wool

  • Alert Quantity - defines the level that a notification is sent for low inventory

Once Health Treatments are added, associated purchase details can be added. For these, the system captures:

  • Expiration Date - from the treatment label. Will be highlighted in red if past current date

  • Batch # - from treatment label

  • Purchase Qty - the amount purchased - this will be added to Current quantity

  • Current Qty - will be increased by amount purchase and reduced by amount administered to animals. Highlighted in red if qty =/< Alert Level


Animal Health Plan

Working with StockManager certified vet will be a web based function as it is anticipated that the vet will be the one who enters the details here. Also, it will require a larger screen to use effectively. The basic functionality is as follows:

  • Select Farm, From and To Months

  • Select ADD EVENT

  • This will present a pop up box to enter event details including:

    • Stock Class​

    • Health Treatment (from inventory)

    • Dosage

    • Due Date

  • On COMPLETE, this will place the event box in the calendar

  • Event status: Gray - complete, Red - past due date - incomplete, Yellow - due within 2 weeks - incomplete, Green - not due for 2+ weeks - incomplete


Administer Health Treatments

There are multiple ways to record the health treatments administered to animals in StockManager currently, including:

  • Looking up an individual animal record and adding a health treatment & qty

  • Looking up a Non-ID Group record and adding a health treatment & qty

  • Filtering a group of animals in Filtered Animal List and adding a health treatment & qty to all individual animal's records in filtered list

  • Adding a health treatment & qty to animals in a configured event - can be added by default to all animals or manually added in event screen

  • Adding a health treatment & qty to all animals in an EID reader session using EID Reader File Import

Some planned changes to enhance this:

  • Automatically disable Health Treatments that have passed expiry date

  • Align units of measure entered for Health Treatments to those available for adding to records - i.e. if liters were purchased than only ml are available

  • Add dosage based administration:

    • Animal/Non-ID Group, Filtered Animal List & EID Reader File Import - no dosage based options

    • Configured Events

      • Data Capture Method - Dosage based option only available if Manual is selected

      • HT Administration Method - add screen to select "Calculated Dosage" vs. "Fixed Quantity" (only if Manual is selected previously)

      • HT Screen - if "Calculated Dosage" is selected, present tool to enter dosage based on available dosage options for unit of measure

      • When event is run - Dosage is calculated and displayed on button - user can select once administered to record for animal (may need an automated completion mode vs. manual)

      • Notes:

        • What to do it no weight (assuming all dosage is weight based)?

        • Non-ID Group would require Weight to be part of event configuration because there is no history for an animal

        • Do we need more than one HT per event? - i.e. two or more HT administered in event?

        • Future - automated - calculate amount and send to automated injector? (i.e. Simco)


Draft on Health Treatments and Withholding Periods

Current functionality provides the ability to draft animals based on HT on their record both for HT in their historical record and HT added in events.

New functionality will add "Withholding Period" as drafting criteria. This will look at the animal's record in during the drafting event, calculate the longest expiration date and draft based on whether this has passed at time of drafting.


Currently there are no notifications built into the app or website. The following are planned additions to support Animal Health:

  • App - A symbol displayed during configured events showing whether animal is within withholding period (Display data element)

  • Website - enable the following notifications by Owner and Farm Manager per farm - user setting to subscribe or not - will send email notification

    • ​HT expiration - HT name, batch # and expiry date - may want to add purchased and current quantity

    • Low HT Qty (current) - based on alert level set when adding health treatment and current qty

    • Low HT Qty (future) - based on combination of Animal Health Plan, current qty and live weight of animals per stock class and inventory - potentially could set timeframe - i.e. alert me if it is two weeks before AHP says I should administer treatment and I do not have enough

    • HT Planned but not administered - would most likely use a confirmation on AHP to turn off


Reports showing health treatment/qty history by animal, filtered list of animals or Non-ID Group is currently available on the application and web portal. Report files can be generated and shared from the application or view access can be granted to Viewer roles per farm on the web.

With that said, we may want to develop some specific traceability reports for specific use cases. Some things to think about before we design:

  • Who is the audience

  • What format is required

  • What information is required - animal information, health treatment information, how much history, farm information

A few issues to consider:

  • Non-ID Groups - while sharing history of Non-ID Groups is very feasible, by nature of Non-ID Groups, it is impossible to provide auditable linkage between Non-ID Group record and individual animals

  • Current app reporting for filtered groups is limited to last entry per data element

Current thought is that this would be provided via web portal in the following way:

  • Records screen - button at top of screen to create and send animal history report - may have a HT report option that would limit the report to just HT entries

  • Analysis screen - filter animal set - select VIew List - same button as Records screen except it would allow you to select starting date

  • Ideally, would like to be able to provide direct access to animal records - end user can self serve