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Animal Health



Animal Health is supported in StockManager through the following integrated functions:

  • Health Treatment inventory that captures all details of health treatments on hand

  • Animal Health Plan that defines health treatments by date, stock class and dosage

  • Display of health treatment and dosage by animal (calculated on individual weight) and automated capture of details to animal record

  • Alerts and automated drafting of animals in withholding periods

  • Notifications of expired treatments and low inventory (current and planned based on AHP & current stock attributes)

  • Traceability & compliance reports showing date, health treatment, quantity, batch # and expiration date by animal ID or Non-ID Group


Health Treatment Inventory

The Health Treatment screen in the tablet application and web portal includes an inventory of health treatments and associated purchases.

For Health Treatments, the system captures:

  • Treatment Name - a unique name of the product

  • Unit of Measure

  • RVM - whether the treatment is a restricted veterinary medicine

  • Withholding Periods - for Meat, Milk and Wool

  • Alert Quantity - defines the level that a notification is sent for low inventory

Once Health Treatments are added, associated purchase details can be added. For these, the system captures:

  • Expiration Date - from the treatment label. Will be highlighted in red if past current date

  • Batch # - from treatment label

  • Purchase Qty - the amount purchased - this will be added to Current quantity

  • Current Qty - will be increased by amount purchase and reduced by amount administered to animals. Highlighted in red if qty =/< Alert Level


Animal Health Plan


Animal Health events can be planned in the Farm Plans function on the StockManager web portal. Farmers can create their own Animal Health Plans or work with a StockManager certified vet who have the ability to quickly create animal health plans by stock class from pre-defined templates. Plans created by vets automatically contain detailed instructions for each event and any event that involves a health treatment also adds the treatment details to the Farm's treatment list.

Farmers and vets can modify the plans by adding, deleting or editing events. All changes are visible to all farm and vet users with access. The plan monitors the dates of events and changes the box color if the event is completed, overdue or due in the next 2 weeks. 


To provide a single view of all farm activities, non-animal health events can be added and the view can be changed to a calendar schedule to understand what everything that needs to be completed on a certain date rather than by animal class. 


Administer Health Treatments

There are multiple ways to record the health treatments administered to animals in StockManager currently, including:

  • Looking up an individual animal record and adding a health treatment & qty

  • Looking up a Non-ID Group record and adding a health treatment and quantity to all animals in the Group

  • Filtering a group of animals in Filtered Animal List and adding a health treatment & qty to all individual animal's records in filtered list

  • Adding a health treatment & qty to animals in a configured event - can be added by default to all animals or manually added in event screen

    • Note: This also provides the ability to automatically calculate a health treatment qty based on the animal weight and record this to their record

  • Adding a health treatment & qty to all animals in an EID reader session using EID Reader File Import

Regardless of the method, any time that a health treatment is administered to an animal or group, the system automatically reduces the available quantity in the health treatment inventory by the amount to help keep track of available quantities.


Draft on Health Treatments and Withholding Periods

StockManager provides the ability to draft animals based on:

  • Health Treatments on their record

  • Whether they are inside the Meat, Milk or Wool withholding periods

Drafting can be done:

  • Manually by viewing the witholding periods on the animal record during the event

  • Automatically by setting up automated drafting rules


The following notifications support Animal Health functions:

  • Tablet App

    • If an animal or Non-ID Group is within a Meat, Milk or Wool witholding period, this is displayed at the top of their record in the individual record or when the animal is entered in an event

  • Web Portal

    • Any Health Treatment purchase that is expired is indicated in red type in the Health Treatment Inventory screen and any user with access to the farm can sign up to be notified by email when individual health treatment purchases expire

    • If a Health Treatment current quantity falls below an alert quantity, the current quantity is indicated in red type



Reports showing health treatment/qty history by animal, filtered list of animals or Non-ID Group is currently available on the application and web portal. Report files can be generated and shared from the application or view access can be granted to Viewer roles per farm on the web.

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