Animal Movement & Traceability


How It Works


StockManager has been designed to provide a complete, auditable record of all data collected for an individual animal regardless of its location over the course of its life. This enables the owner of an animal to view and analyze its full history or provide this to potential buyers for lifetime traceability.

The following are some scenarios where this functionality can be leveraged:

  • Animal owners can:

    • View the full history of their animals regardless of previous farms (previous owners or grazing farms)

    • Analyze animals based on their full history

    • Provide buyers with an auditable record of all data associated with the animal over the course of its life for price premium compliance

  • Stud breeders could analyze the performance of their studs and their associated offspring over time

  • Breeders can use this data to select studs

  • Finishers could use this data to select breeders

  • Meat companies could use this data to provide buyers contract specification compliance

  • Retailers could use this data to market their products

  • Consumers could use this data to make informed purchasing decisions

How It Works

  1. Animal record is created on originating farm - a unique record ID is created with unique farm ID

  2. Animal’s attributes are recorded to record ID with farm ID attached

  3. Originating farm physically sends animals to receiving farm

  4. Originating farm sends an animal record transfer request to receiving farm 

  5. Receiving farm physically receives animals, creates a unique record ID (if 1st time on farm) with unique farm ID

  6. Receiving farm matches received animals records against animal record transfer request

  7. Receiving farm accepts all animal records that match received animals

  8. Accepted records are added to Receiving farm record