Manage Dashboards


This screen enables you to customize the Dashboard metrics that Farm users see in their Dashboard screen. Up to four Dashboard charts can be configured per farm. Farm users can make limited changes to the configurations in the Dashboard screen which will be reflected here.


Select Farm

To customize the Dashboard metrics for a Farm, an Account and associated Farm must be selected. 

  • If the user has access to only one Account

    • The SELECT ACCOUNT button will be pre-populated and the button disabled

    • The SELECT FARM button will be enabled. If a Farm is selected, it will present the Dashboard for the Farm below​​

  • If the user has access to multiple Accounts and Farms, only the SELECT ACCOUNT button will be enabled. Once an Account is selected, it will:

    • Enable the SELECT FARM button. If a Farm is selected, it will present the Dashboard for the Farm below​​

  • If the Account selection is changed, this will:

    • Remove the Dashboard for the Farm

    • Remove any Farm selections and change this button to SELECT FARM

  • If the Farm is changed, this will change the Dashboard to the Farm selected


Configure Metrics

To configure a Metric for a Farm:

1. Select the dropdown arrow in the SELECT METRIC box above the top left chart to view a list of Metrics available and select an available metric

    from the list (previously selected metrics will be disabled and indicated by light gray text - or is it easier to not list? ).

2. Selecting a metric will close the drop down list and activate the SAVE button along with activating the SELECT METRIC box in next (left to right, top

    to bottom) chart for configuration.

3. Select the timeframe for the chart by selecting the dropdown next to Last Year (default timeframe) at the bottom left of the chart and selecting a

    a timeframe from the list or choose or leave it as default. This will be the same across all Animal Types.


4. Select the Settings link at the bottom right of the chart to configure available settings for the Metric selected. After any changes have been made

    to the default Settings, the SAVE button will activate (turn green). Click here to see the details and Settings configurations for different metrics.

    The Settings on the left side of the screen are available for Farm users to change along with timeframe. The Settings on the right side of the

    screen are limited to Account users.

5. Selecting SAVE on the top right of the screen will save all metric configurations and display the chart data with the Cattle tab being displayed by

    default. This will also save the changes to the Farm user Dashboard screen.

6. To see the chart for other Animal Types, just select the Animal Type at the top of the chart to change the tab displayed.