Grow your business through tighter collaboration with livestock farmers

Make StockManager your clinic’s hub for performance planning and compliance management. Deepen your relationships through helping your customers improve results and mitigate risks.

Why StockManager?

StockManager gives farmers the capability to meaningfully work together with veterinarians. Collaborate on measuring results, planning improvements and monitoring performance in a way that benefits both farmer and vet. 

Grow your business

Planning, measurement, and monitoring tools enable expanded advisory services. Increase product sales through documenting the impact of recommendations. 

Have a real impact

Simple access to actionable data and results tracking makes the benefit of your advice plain to see. 

Simple compliance

Entering health treatment and tag purchase details into StockManager at the time of delivery makes compliance reporting a breeze for your farmers. 

Effortless benchmarking

Help your farmers understand how they are performing relative to similar properties, establish improvement goals and provide automated charts to track it all.  

How it works: farmer engagement process


Build an animal performance plan

With detailed pre-defined templates by animal class, getting started is easy. Quickly build the performance plan for the farm and print out formatted worksheets to review with your farmer. Get feedback on the plan, quickly make updates and publish the final plan in StockManager where it can be accessed, monitored and refined by everyone involved. 


Put plans into action

The plan establishes what, when and how key events should be done throughout the year. To carry out the plan, StockManager’s tablet and web portal give farmers a single tool to manage animal health and stock activities, feed data, animal/group data and health treatment details. As things change, farmers and vets can easily make additions and adjustments to the plan as needed. 

All treatment events agreed to in the farm plan automatically load the associated health treatments to the farm inventory. Limited access can be granted to counter staff to enter health treatment purchase details directly into farm inventory. Additionally, they can import EID/VID files to the farm inventory at point of delivery.


Once health treatment purchase details are loaded, they are available to add to animal and group records. As treatments are added to records, the dosage amount is deducted from farm inventory in real-time. Alerts on low inventory and batch expirations can be configured to send to resources to take action.

Manage farmer purchases in real-time


After working with your farmer to determine focus areas, quickly configure performance charts that compare performance against goals and clinic level benchmarks. Charts are updated automatically as data is collected from the farm, so no manual work is required. Utilize these tools for quarterly and annual reviews to demonstrate the impact your work is having and to discuss whether refinements are needed.

Set up automated performance reporting


As the farm’s data hub, StockManager integrates animal data, farm plan events, and health treatment details to help you forecast your sales and services revenue. Easily update animal counts and pricing to accurately project treatment and services revenue along with required treatment volumes.

View forecasts by revenue or quantity, at either the clinic or the farm level, with monthly breakdowns by treatment and service. Managing treatment inventory and clinic resource demand has never been easier, allowing you to take advantage of volume discounts and plan ahead. 

Easily forecast your business


Get the support you need

StockManager provides all the resources you need to train and support your staff and quickly provide additional services to your farmers:

Training webinars

Access to regular training webinars that cover specific functions and use cases in general where users can ask questions directly to StockManager resources.

Support webinars

Weekly support webinars where vets and famers can get help directly from StockManager resources.

Best practice materials

Tools and templates to assist your resources in effectively delivering a set of value added services around StockManager. 

Use case documentation & videos

A set of tools organized around common tasks that farmers do regularly. The

documentation & videos are intended to provide simple guidance on how to best use StockManager to do these tasks faster and with better outcomes

Training videos

A large number of support documents include a brief (1-2 minute) video overview of the purpose and features of the function.

Support documentation

Vets have access to detailed support documentation that covers all StockManager functions including vet specific screens. 

Farming software built by farmers

We believe digital tools should make farming easier, not harder. Built from a foundation of multi-generational farm experience, StockManager provides farmers with modern solutions to support modern farming. 

Sign up to learn how StockManager can help your farm succeed, view a demo, and ask any questions about the platform. 

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