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A simple set of flexible solutions enables you to select what best fits your farm's needs. 

Farmer friendly terms

Trial period

Take your time to use the application and determine if it fits your needs with no risk.

Pay as you go

No long term commitments. Pay monthly for what you need at the time.

Only pay for active data

You only pay for active animals or groups on your farm. Historical records are always available for analysis and comparison for no additional cost.

Subscription options


Subscription Type 







$15 / mo

How To Purchase*

Google Play

Certified Vets

Certified Vets

Web Portal Functionality

Collaborative Animal Health Plan

Active Health Treament Management

Automated, Real-time Benchmarking Charts

Real-time, Regional Scenario Modeling

Farm Event Planning

Online Health Treatment Management

Performance Monitoring Charts

Scenario Modeling & Reporting

Animal Status & Movement Reporting (NAIT)

Animal Health Treatment Reporting

Animal / Non-ID Group History

Automated EID/VID File Imports

Import Historical Animal Records

Android Tablet App Functionality

Paddock Inventory & Growth Tools

Paddock & Feed Costing Tools

Group Feed Planning & Monitoring

View & Manage EID Animal & Group Records

Add Data To Filtered EID Animal Groups

Automated Data Collection & Drafting

EID Reader File Import

EID Animal Filtered Group Analysis

Data Collection & Drafting Event Analysis

Stock Sale Analysis

Customize Available Data Elements To Farm

Manage EID and Non-EID Animal Groups

Automated Health Treatment Inventory

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