Single User



Per 500 Active Animals**


  • Paddock Inventory Tool - inventory & update paddock forage details

  • Paddock & Feed Cost Tool - capture standard feed & paddock costs

  • Feed & Forage - animal #, days of feed left by paddock & feed store

  • Feed Planning Tool - calculate days of feed per paddock/feed store by group attributes

Includes Standard plus:

  Web Portal

  • All animal data synced from farm tablets is available on web portal

  • Lookup individual animal or group records

  • Filter all animal records for 1 or more farms under account based on attributes and view counts, animal details or calculate metrics for filtered group

  • Grant view and analysis access to business stakeholders (accountant, bank, veterinarian, consultant, etc.) to provide additional insights


  Tablet Application​

  Multi-Tablet Support

  • Link multiple tablets to a single farm account

  • Cloud Sync assures that all tablets have the most recent farm data

  Data Entry

  • Animal Data Entry/History - lookup animal history & add data

  • Group Data Entry - identify groups by criteria & add same data to all

  • Data & Drafting Events - automate data entry & drafting of animals

  • EID Reader File Import - import session files & add data to all

  Decision Support

  • Analysis - filter database by animal criteria and:

    • Get counts of animals that meet criteria

    • View details of filtered animals & email details with one touch

    • Assign filtered animals to groups

    • Calculate metrics specific to filtered animals 

  • Sale Optimization - optimize sale revenue by mix & timing


  • NAIT Reporting - view #s by status, report with 1 touch & view history

  • Health Treatments - add & assign by name, batch # & expiry dates 

  Data Tools

  • Data Settings - customize data elements that apply to your farm

  • Group Settings - create groups for data collection, analysis & drafting

  • Tag Import - import files from Allflex, Zee Tags directly or from device

  • Cloud Sync - sync data between tablets and web portal

  • User Settings - setup multiple users with different access type

* Special pricing over 10,000 active, tagged (EID &/or VID) animals

** "Active" - animals with individual records (EID &/or VID) in the system that are not in Sold or Dead status. Non-ID Groups are counted as a single Active animal.

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