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Feed Planning


Feed Planning can be accomplished using the following steps in the Feed Planning screen

  1. View current forage and feed levels

  2. View number of animals assigned to Paddocks and Feed stores along with number of feed days remaining

  3. Remove animals from Paddocks and Feed stores if feed days are < 1

  4. Determine the feed requirements for new groups animals or ones that need to be moved

  5. Analyze which Paddocks and/or Feed stores can accommodate the group's feed requirements

  6. Assign the group of animals to a Paddock and/or Feed store

View Current Plan

Once you select the Feed Planning, a screen similar to what is shown below will be displayed. It will present the following information:

  • All Paddocks and Feed stores along with the type of forage or feed, the ME level and MJ Available

  • The current number of animals currently assigned to a Paddock or Feed store along with the number of feed days remaining

  • A REMOVE button to remove the animals currently assigned to a Paddock and/or Feed store

The screen is intended to provide a high level view of overall feed, where it is along with where animals are and number of feed days remaining. If all Paddocks and Feed stores have been updated before viewing this screen, it should show an accurate picture of the current state.

Feed Planning

To plan the feed requirements for a group of animals, simply:

  1. Select the ANALYZE button

  2. Enter the number of animals, type, category and associated feeding parameters (these will vary based on stock class). Note: If the group of animals to analyze are all in a current ID Group, the General Analysis screen can be used to determine the count of animals and average live weight. If the group is a Non-ID Group, their last count and average weight can be found in the Animal/Non-ID Group screen

Once completed, this will:

  • Calculate the daily feed requirement for the group of animals

  • Translate this into number of days of feed that they could be fed in any individual Paddock or Feed store (includes any currently assigned animals)

  • Enable the ASSIGN button which, if selected, will assign animals to the Paddock or Feed store. Note: Once assigned to a Paddock or Feed store, the other Paddocks or Feed stores will be inactive. You can choose a Paddock AND Feed store to satisfy the requirement by selecting the portion of the requirement should be met by each.

If the ME of a Paddock or Feed store is not capable of supporting the feed requirement, it will be highlighted in red type.