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Animal Health - ID Treatment Groups


Analyzing current stock attributes to determine animals that require health treatments can be accomplished using the following steps in StockManager: 

  1. Setup Group(s) to assign Treatment animals to in Group Settings screen

  2. Go to the General Analysis screen and select the animal type

  3. Use filters to select the group of animals to analyze

  4. Use filters to identify group of animals with below average attributes that can be addressed by administering treatments

  5. Save final filtered animal list to previously setup Group

  6. Setup a data collection and drafting event in the Configured Events screen to:

    • Display Group designation

    • Capture Health Treatment administered

    • Draft animals based on Group designation (optional if animals also require special feeding)

  7. Use the General Analysis screen to monitor the impact on attributes of the Treatment Group

Setup Groups

Setting up Groups to assign treatment animals to ahead of time makes it easy to identify them in the General Analysis screen using a Group filter.

Identify Treatment Animals

Using filters to identify potential treatment animals follows a few steps. 

  1. Identify the current group of animals that you want to evaluate using filters

    • Select Animal Type​

    • Add Filter 'Status" and select values that represent animals alive and on farm (Added, Birth, Grazed In, Purchased or Recovered) 

    • Add other filters & values that define the group attributes - e.g. Year Born, Gender, etc. - this is where Groups come in very handy.

  2. Use additional filters to identify below average attributes of the animals - e.g. condition score, weight, etc.

Save As Group

Once you have finalized the list of treatment animals, simply select the SAVE AS GROUP button which will present a screen with available Group names. Select the one you want and the Group designator will be added to each animal's individual record. You can then use this in the next step to display to identify animals that require a treatment or to draft these animals out for special treatment. 

Setup Event

The event configuration shown below:

  • Displays animal's previous weight, condition score and Group to identify animals that may require treatment

  • Captures current weight and health treatment (optional)

  • Drafts animals that have received health treatment

The screen below is what is shown for the event configuration displayed above once it is started. The animal's last weight, condition score and Group are displayed at the top of the screen. If the animal requires a treatment, the user can select the "Treatment A 10g" button and DONE which will both add this to the animal's record and draft them Forward. If this is not selected for the animal and DONE button is selected, the animal will be drafted First Left.