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Animal Health - Treatment Evaluation



Analyzing the impact of health treatments on key metrics can be accomplished using the following steps in StockManager: 

  1. Determine the key metrics that the health treatment is projected to impact. Check the General Analysis screen to see if these are available

  2. Determine the required data for the metrics to be calculated and setup data collection events in the Configured Events screen to capture these

  3. Determine the control and experimental groups and setup Groups in system using the Group Settings screen

  4. Draft animals into Groups (if applicable), collect data and calculate metrics to determine impacts

Determine Key Metrics

The General Analysis screen provides a variety of standard metrics that can be calculated for any filtered set of animals. The screen below provides the listing of metrics to choose from. Some of these metrics allow you to select the date range that you want to calculate the metric for so you can compare metrics for different time periods.

For example, if you want to compare the Average Weight of a group of animals at the same time each year, you would just adjust the date range for the Average Weight calculation to compare years. This functionality is available for attributes where an animal will have multiple entries in their records over time such as condition score, scan result or weight.


Determine Data Collection Events

Now that key metrics are determined, the source data for these metrics needs to be captured. The Configured Events screen is designed to collect the same data points for a large number of animals in a sequential process. Simply create a set of Configured Events to capture the required data and then run these events in the time frames that you want to collect the data. 

For example, if you want to test the impact of a treatment on:

  • Conception rate, average weight and condition score (at different times) for a Group of mating Dams

  • Pre-Birth Survival Rate (potential birth count vs marking/tailing count) of their offspring

  • Post Birth Survival Rate (marking/tailing count vs. weaning count) of their offspring

  • Average weight and weight gain/day (at different times) of their offspring

You would need to setup the following data collection events:

  • Scanning - collect scan result, weight and condition score (and treatment name/qty if applicable)

  • Condition - collect weight & condition score (and treatment name/qty if applicable) 

  • Marking/Tailing - collect count weight

  • Weaning - collect count & weight


The screen below is an example of a configuration for a Scanning event. It includes capturing weight and scan result for each animal along with drafting them based on scan result.

Setup Groups

To compare the impact of a treatment on a Group of animals, you have two choices:

  • Compare the results of the same Group of animals in two different years with the second year being the one where the treatment is administered

  • Split a set of animals into two Groups and assign them unique Group names (e.g. Control and Experimental) and administer the treatment to one Group


Analyze Results

At any point that you have collected enough data, you can go to the General Analysis Screen, select your Group and calculate key metrics. The example below shows some metrics for the Mixed Age Cows - Experimental Group.