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Annual - Weaning


Capturing animal information and drafting into Groups can be accomplished using the following steps in StockManager: 

  1. Setup Group(s) (if applicable) in the system using the Group Settings screen

  2. Collect animal information and draft animals using the Configured Events screen

  3. Assign animals to Groups (and change status to Sold if applicable) using Filtered Animal List screen

  4. If some of the animals are Sold directly after the Weaning event, report these transactions using the NAIT Reporting screen

Setup Groups

Setting up Group(s) to assign animals to provides a simple way to collect data, plan feeding and monitor progress of these animals. 

The Group Settings screen displayed below shows a few examples of how weaning Groups can be setup:

  • The Non-ID Group Ram Lambs (Heavy, Prime, Store, Lights) could be setup to capture the counts and metrics of ram lambs by weight 

  • The Non-ID Group Replacements could be setup to capture the counts and metrics of ewe lambs that may replace culled mixed age ewes

  •  ID Group Bull Calves (Prime, Store, Lights) could be setup to capture the counts and metrics of bull calves by weight 

  • ID Group Replacements could be setup to capture the counts and metrics of heifer calves that may replace culled mixed age cows

Collect Data and Draft Animals

The Configured Events screen can be used to collect data on animals and use this to draft animals into Groups for feeding, sale and breeding.

The screens displayed below show an example of the setup (left) and event (right ) screen for a collecting data and drafting animals based on this. 

The screens displayed below show a similar setup for a Weaning event of non-tagged animals where gender and weight is being collected.

To capture details on non-tagged animals in a Non-ID Group event by draft direction, simply select the navigation icon on the top left of the screen (3 bars) before you finish the event and select Event Metrics from the menu. This will display a screen similar to what is shown below. In this case, the details associated with Forward draft direction can be used to update the Ram Lambs Prime Non-ID Group record and those associated with First Left draft direction can be used to update the Ram Lambs Store Non-ID Group record. Note:  Currently researching design ideas to assign metrics to Non-ID Groups by draft direction for Non-ID Group events.

Assign To Group By Draft Direction

The Filtered Animal List screen can be used to assign animals with individual records to previously created Groups. Simply filter animals by Event and Draft Direction on a specific date then, after verifying animals using VIEW ANIMAL LIST, select SAVE AS GROUP and select the Group Name. 

If the Drafting Direction or Group designation indicates that the animal has been sold, you can use either one of these attributes as a filter to isolate these animals and change their status to sold.

NAIT Reporting

If any Cattle or Deer status is changed to Sold, the last step is to report these changes in the NAIT system. StockManager makes this easy by providing a screen that shows all NAIT reporting requirements by status and animal type. This can be performed either from the tablet application with a network connection or from the web portal directly. 

To report animals to NAIT:

  1. From tablet - connect to the internet and select the NAIT button

  2. From the web portal - select the down arrow at the top right next to your email address and select NAIT Reporting from menu

  3. If you start from the tablet, it will automatically select the Farm associated with the tablet.  If you start from the web portal, you will need to select the farm from the available values in the drop down

  4. Once the farm has been selected, a screen similar to what is shown below will be displayed. This will show the number of animals added to the system.

  5. Simply select the SEND TO NAIT button to register these animals. NOTE: This process will also send any additional records that are pending to NAIT