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Access real-time livestock data to 

better manage your supply chain

StockManager is the simplest tool available for farmers to collect and share livestock stock data with processors. With no session CSV files to manage for either farmer or processor, quickly view real-time animal counts and metrics by geography, stock class or any other captured attribute for tagged animals or non-tagged groups. 

Why StockManager?

Easy farmer adoption

No supply chain works effectively without the full participation of suppliers. StockManager provides a simple, user-friendly design that farmers actually want to use.

Predict supply

The only platform that provides real-time, standardized upstream livestock data. Plug into our Farm API to better plan production schedules and contract fulfillment.

Lifetime traceability

Access a detailed record of every tagged animal or defined group from birth to sale, regardless of the participating farms they have been on over their life. 

How it works

1. Review Data Requirements & Formats

To ensure the StockManager platform meets your data needs we start with a review of our Farm API. The API documentation makes this simple and with over 50 standardized animal data elements/values available, the the discussion is typically focused on data definitions and transformation approaches.

Any gaps are reviewed and the level of effort estimated to resolve these is discussed. If there is joint agreement on a technical fit, we move on the the next step. 

Click here to view the current Farm API specification.

2. Rollout Planning

Developing an effective plan to get Farmers on board is critical to accessing timely, accurate data. In this phase, we discuss rollout approaches, incentives, resources, costs and best practices to drive adoption.

The outcome is a detailed rollout plan containing a series of incremental phases that are used to refine rollout procedures, improve adoption and data integration.

This drives the development of resource & expense projections for each phase along with success criteria. These are reviewed to determine whether required resources are available to successfully enable the plan.

3.Run Pilot Program

The goal of the pilot program is to test & refine rollout procedures, incentives and data integrations. The scope of the program is typically limited to a handful of farmers and livestock agents in a specific geography that feeds a processing plant.

The typical pilot involves training, scheduling & executing livestock data collection events with farmers and testing the data integrations. The goal is to complete the cycle within one month, review feedback and results to determine whether to proceed with phase rollouts.

4. Phased Rollouts

Once the decision has been made to proceed with rolling out StockManager, the original rollout plans are updated with learnings from the pilot and resourced. 

The typical scope of each phase is a specific geography that feeds a processing plant. This approach ensures that is the fastest way to ilds a critical mass of planning data to have an impact on production schedules for the plant. 

After each phase, a review of results and feedback is conducted. Refinements to rollout plans, StockManager functionality and documentation are discussed and implemented as necessary. 

Contact Us

If you are interested in exploring how rolling out StockManager to your livestock farmers can improve your supply chain efficiency, please complete the contact form below and we'll be in touch.

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