For Processors

Visibility of real-time upstream data and powerful modeling of future scenarios . Effectively plan production schedules and future contracts in collaboration with farmers.

Platform built for supply chain needs

Access real-time, standardized, cloud based livestock data directly from participating farmers without anyone managing CSV files. Leverage tools to quickly understand current animal counts by defined attributes and model future scenarios based on growth rates. 

Why StockManager?

Farmer adoption

No supply chain platform works without the full participation of farmers. StockManager provides a simple, user friendly design that facilitates farmer buy in and adoption.

Data standards

Understanding upstream data is only possible with consistent data. StockManager is built around a clear set of data standards to ensure easy analysis of data regardless of the source.

Lifetime traceability

The combination of data standards and farm to farm record transfer provides a consistent, auditable animal record regardless of its location.

Getting Started

Farmer participation and process

The key to any solution will be the approval and active participation of targeted livestock farmers. They will need to not only agree to share StockManager information but agree to acquiring equipment, participating in training and ongoing management processes to ensure accurate, timely data is available.

We are currently in the midst of working with a handful of vet clinics and pilot farmers to refine StockManager rollout processes and tools. This is planned to be completed in June 2020 with large scale rollout in New Zealand in July 2020 and other countries later in 2020.

Pilot phase

Once all rollout processes and required refinements are in place, rollouts to a set of pilot farms can start. The focus of this phase is to test the rollout processes and system refinements and prepare for additional rollout phases. Pilot rollouts should be regionally focused around a defined processing plant with subsequent rollouts addressing source geographies for other plants.

Requirements analysis

To ensure that expectations are clear, it is important to get all processor requirements defined and assessed vs current StockManager capabilities. After this phase, we can jointly determine whether there is a mutual fit and, if so, develop a development and deployment agreement that outlines commitments on both sides and any associated costs.

Supply chain tools refinements

Refinements to existing reporting, modeling and data sharing tools agreed to from the requirements analysis will be done in parallel with the development of the farmer participation process. 

Existing tools include the ability to get counts on tagged animals by attributes across any participating farms and calculate current state and projected metrics (e.g. av weight @ future date). 

Planned enhancements for supply chain partners include:

  • Select farms by region

  • Counts on non-tagged animals

  • Exporting of all or filtered data sets

  • Workflow automation of animal record send/receive process

  • Supply chain specific charting

Phased production rollout

After rollout processes and system refinements are updated, the first production rollout phases can begin with ongoing rollouts benefiting from learnings of each previous phase.

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