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We have worked with AgResearch, Beef & Lamb NZ and Deer Industry NZ to incorporate research and industry expertise into a set of free tools to help farmers plan and monitor their feeding activities. The table below outlines the different tools available in the free version of the StockManager application and the research that has been integrated into each.

Feed Planning

  • A single screen showing all paddocks & feed stores, ME, Available kg DM & MJME , # of assigned animals in each and # of feed days remaining. Animals (and their associated feed requirements) can be removed at any time.

  • A feed planning wizard that enables a user to capture attributes of a group of animals along with feed objectives then quickly see which paddocks / feed stores meet the minimum ME required along with the number of days that the group can be fed in each (factoring in any animals currently assigned)

  • Once the feed planning analysis for a group is complete, the group can then be assigned to a paddock or feed store (or split between two by assigning % to each) which will update the daily consumption rate

  • Planned enhancements include low feed notifications, growth inputs and improving accuracy of feed modeling by replacing some table lookups with formulas that factor paddock ME and land profiles into group requirements/projected feed days

Paddock Inventory

  • A paddock inventory wizard that enables a user to quickly and accurately capture details on their paddocks and see the available kg DM and MJME of each along with all history of previous inventories

  • Key features include forage min/av/max limits and references for kg DM/ha & ME for different types of forage and automated height conversions to kg DM/ha for select forages.

  • Planned enhancements include incorporating land profiles that will be used in feed planning calculations along with user defined growth rates that will update available feed levels between paddock inventories and set limits based on forage type

Paddock & Feed Costs

  • Standardized cost capture wizard for paddocks to track individual paddock investments

  • Table showing all paddocks rolling 12 month production (in kg DM & MJME), investments & $/MJME for efficiency comparisons

  • Standardized feed & cost capture wizard to track available feed (kg DM & MJME), costs & $/MJME for efficiency comparisons

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