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Tailing / Marking Service


After effective breeding selection, the key to improving scanning percentage is to ensure that all mating animals are in optimal mating condition by the time of mating. The Pre-Mating service provides clear, data driven actions and ongoing guidance to improve the percentage of animals that meet mating condition guidelines with available resources.

  1. Tail/mark & collect animal data 

  2. Review key metrics

  3. Develop health & feed plans

  4. Develop monitoring & management plans

  5. NAIT reporting

What to expect

  1. A planning call to discuss the approach, preparation and timing of on-farm & remote sessions

  2. Initial on farm session which includes:

    • A discussion around target mating condition metrics, drafting guidelines based on number of days before mating and treatment/feed planning

    • Review of pre-mating plan return on investment calculator

    • Setting up vet provided data collection and drafting systems in yards or paddocks

    • Running data collection and drafting animals into "conditioning" groups

    • Reviewing metrics for animals by draft direction/group and developing a treatment & feed plans

    • Developing an ongoing monitoring and management plan

    • Determine the best approach for the ongoing use of StockManager for feed planning, data capture and drafting

  3. Additional on-farm or remote sessions to:

    • Measure progress toward target condition metrics and additional drafting

    • Plan mating group approach, setup data capture and drafting of animals into final mating groups

    • Discuss treatment and feed plans from mating through scanning


  1. Calendar invitations for on-farm and remote sections

  2. Preparation responsibilities by resource prior to sessions

  3. Documented minimum condition guidelines by stock class

  4. Return on investment calculator for pre-mating investments

  5. All mating animals drafted into conditioning groups

  6. Documented feed and treatment plans by group along with monitoring and management plan

  7. Access to StockManager web portal to review data collected on farm and associated metrics

  8. Access to StockManager Android application to monitor animal progress, draft animals and plan feed as required

  9. Agreements on the use of StockManager by farmer and vet

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