For Vets

Help farmers proactively plan for and monitor performance and assist with compliance activities.

Built for and in collaboration with vets

Help your livestock farmers improve results through effective planning, benchmarking, performance monitoring and compliance management. Extend and deepen your advisory services scope to help your customers improve their business and mitigate risks.


Offer simple, powerful planning, management and monitoring tools to farmers. Leverage tools to provide additional value added services and drive internal efficiencies.


Collaborate with your farmers, staff and other stakeholders in real-time on planning, forecasting, inventory management and compliance activities. 


Grow market and customer share by providing new services and products, improving farmer business results and backing up recommendations with data.


Our vet portal portal provides access to all the information, training, and tools necessary to make partnering with us as simple as possible.

Farmer engagement process

Setup collaborative animal health plan

Use standardized events and templates to quickly develop and customize an online annual plan for a farm based on farm type and history. Print out a worksheet to review with farmer on-site, make edits based on the discussion and publish these online.

Farmers can then make additions and adjustments to plans as on-farm situations change. The tools provide them the ability to manage animal health and farm activities in a single tool.

Calendar view (month, week, day) and the ability to assign events to user for custom views is coming soon.

Manage farmer purchases in real-time

All treatment events agreed to in the farm plan are automatically loaded to the farm listing. Special access can be provided to counter staff to enter treatment purchase details directly into farm inventory. Additionally, they can load EID/VID files to farm at point of delivery.

Once treatment purchase details are loaded into the farm system, they are available to add to animal and group records. As treatments are added to records, the dosage amount is deducted from farm inventory in real-time. Alerts on low inventory and batch expirations can be configured to send to resources to take action.

Setup automated charts & benchmarks

After a discussion with farmer about areas of focus, quickly configure a set of farm performance charts that show farm performance vs goals and benchmarks. 

 The chars automatically update farm metrics based on data collected on farm and benchmarks based on data from other farms under your vet account; no manual updating needed.

Utilize these tools for quarterly and annual review on impacts of plans and refinements needed. 

Put plans into action

The farm plan establishes what, when and how key events should be done. The combination of the StockManager tablet application and web portal are built to facilitate many of these events simply and accurately.  The functions are designed to leverage data in a smart way across the different functions to reduce time and improve decision making. 

Animal and paddock/feed data is displayed in feed planning screens to determine feed requirements and assign groups to paddocks &/or feed stores. Health treatment purchases entered can be leveraged as soon as entered to add to animal and group records. As treatments are added to records, the dosages recorded automatically update inventory levels and set low level alerts.

Easily forecast your business

StockManager integrates farm plan events, Health Treatment details and animal data to produce draft sales and services forecasts. Easily update animal counts and pricing per farm to accurately forecast treatment & services revenue along with required volumes.

Forecasts can be viewed by revenue or quantity, at the clinic or farm level, with breakdowns by treatment or service by month.

Better manage treatment inventory and clinic resource demand, take advantage of volume discounts and get a better handle on your business forecasts.

Get started with StockManager


First, complete the application to become a certified vet partner. 


Our team will follow up with you to discuss requirements, certification and rollout processes.

Start your journey

Once approved, you’ll receive access to the vet portal via email. Explore training, tools, and vet specific resources.

Differentiate your business

Promote value added services that leverage StockManager technology to improve farmer results

Setup & support

Get your farmers quickly using StockManager with you to plan, manage and monitor key events on the farm. Provide guidance on how to best utilize the tool to collect data, make optimal decisions and implement them while easily maintaining compliance records.

Event assistance & outsourcing

Provide assistance or outsourcing of key livestock events using StockManager to capture event data and implement decisions. Promote a combination of vet and tech resources to provide cost effective outsourcing of common livestock events.

Feed planning

Optimal animal condition across the year is key to driving results and effective feed planning is a critical component of this. Provide your customers with guidance on how to effectively use animal data, drafting/grouping & feed planning tools to ensure animals are being fed most effectively with available resources.

Performance planning

Improving key metrics requires a combination of benchmarking to determine opportunities, effective planning, ROI analysis of improvement options and monitoring of results. The combination of StockManager and vet resources provide a powerful set of tools to help your farmers effectively achieve their goals

Explore vet resources

All the resources you need to train and support your staff and quickly provide additional services to your farmers

Support documentation

Vets have access to detailed support documentation that covers all StockManager functions including vet specific screens. 

Training videos

A large number of support documents include a brief (1-2 minute) video overview of the purpose and features of the function.

Use case documentation & videos

A set of tools organized around common tasks that farmers do regularly. The

documentation & videos are intended to provide simple guidance on how to best use StockManager to do these tasks faster and with better outcomes

Training webinars

Access to regular training webinars that cover specific functions and use cases in general where users can ask questions directly to StockManager resources.

Support webinars

Weekly support webinars where vets and famers can get help directly from StockManager resources.

Best practice materials

Tools and templates to assist your resources in effectively delivering a set of value added services around StockManager. 

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