This screen provides up to 4 key metrics charts that have been configured by the Account owner for the Farm. The Timeframe and a limited number of Settings for the displayed charts can be changed by any Farm user. 


Select Farm

Select the drop down arrow in the SELECT FARM button to see a list of available Farms available. Select one (limited to one) from the list.


View Dashboard

After selecting a Farm from the available list, the dashboard charts configured for the Farm ​​will be displayed below. 


Edit Chart Settings

Any changes made to the charts (Animal Type tab, timeframe or settings) will prompt the SAVE button on the top right of the screen to activate. If this is selected, the current configuration will be saved for the Farm.

To view the chart for another Animal Type, simply select that tab for it at the top of the chart. To change the chart timeframe, simply select the down arrow to the right of the current timeframe and select another option from the list. ​


To view or change the settings available for a chart, simply select the Settings link at the bottom left of the any chart. This will present a screen similar to what is displayed below. Any previously configured Settings will be shown. If a change is made to the current settings, the SAVE button will activate. Once this is selected, it will remove the Settings box and update the chart shown. These Settings changes can be saved for all Farm users if the SAVE button at the top right of the screen is selected.