This screen provides a series of customizable charts to analyze livestock results and progress to objectives at different levels on the farm. Up to 4 metrics can be displayed at a time with configurable timeframes and chart settings.


Select Farm

Select the drop down arrow in the SELECT FARM button to see a list of your available farms. Select one from the list to view charts for that farm.

  • Note: If a user has access to only one farm, this will be pre-selected, the selector disabled and the farm charts will be displayed. 


View Dashboard

After selecting a Farm from the available list, the dashboard charts configured and saved for the Farm ​​will be displayed below. 


Select or Edit Charts

Selecting the down arrow to the right of the SELECT METRIC or current metric title will display a menu of available charts to select from. You can select the same chart to be shown in multiple panes to compare. If you change SETTINGS in chart that is in more than one pane, it will apply these to other panes as soon as it is saved in one pane.

Select a metric name from the list. This will remove the list menu and display the selected chart based on pre-defined timeframes and settings. The timeframe and settings can be edited once the chart is selected (see below). Click here to see the list of available charts and associated configuration details.

As soon as any change is made to the chart selections, timeframes or settings, the SAVE button on the top right of the screen will enable. Selecting SAVE will save these changes for the farm. Any user who signs in after this will see these changes by default.


Edit Chart Timeframe

Selecting the down arrow to the right of the timeframe listed at the bottom left of every chart will open a date selector tool. The available selections listed are specific to the metric selected. Once you select one of the preset ranges, the associated dates will be shown at the top of the tool. To modify the specific dates, select the "Custom..." option at the bottom of the tool (if available) to pick specific dates. To save these settings for the farm, select the SAVE button on the top right of the page. 


Edit Chart Settings

To view or change the settings available for a chart, simply select the Settings link at the bottom right of the chart. This will present an overlay screen with specific settings based on the metric selected. Any previously configured (or default) Settings will be shown. If a change is made to the current settings, the SAVE button will activate. Once this is selected, it will remove the Settings box and update the chart shown. To save these settings for the farm, select the SAVE button on the main page.