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Health Treatments


Select Farm

View Health Treatments

Add Health Treatment

Edit Health Treatment

Disable/Enable Treatments & Purchases

Add Purchase


This screen enables you to view, add and Health Treatments in the system, add and edit purchase details associated with them and view current inventory based on amounts administered to animals. Health Treatment details added here:

  • Can be added to Animal or Non-ID Group records when you administer a health treatment in the tablet app

  • Can prompt expiration and low inventory alerts


  • Health Treatments or purchases added or modified here will be available on the tablet after sync

  • Health Treatments or purchases added or modified on the tablet will be available on the web portal or other tablets after sync


Select Farm

When you initially select Health Treatments from the menu, it will present the screen below. Simply select the down arrow to the right of SELECT FARM, select a farm and DONE to view the Health Treatment details for that farm.

Select Farm

View Health Treatment

Once a Farm is selected, it will present a screen similar to what is shown below except all rows will be collapsed (i.e. none of the row overflow menus or purchase details will be shown). The information on the screen is as follows:

  • Search Treatments field - entering the full or partial (minimum of 3 letters) name of a health treatment will filter the list to matching treatments

  • Show disabled check box - it selected, it will show all disabled health treatments and purchases. These will be differentiated by light gray type 

  • ADD TREATMENT button - this will open a screen to add a new treatment and associated details

  • FARM NAME drop down - this will present a list of farms assigned to the account. If a different Farm is selected, it will change the screen to show the treatments associated with the Farm. Note: any unsaved changes will be lost.

  • Treatment Name - The name of the Health Treatment

  • UOM - the unit of measure for the Health Treatment (ml, g, bolus, capsule or tube). This will determine the available units of measure available when assigning dosages to animals.

  • RVM - Restricted Veterinary Medicine indicator

  • Meat WHP - this indicates the withholding period listed on the label of the health treatment and drives the ability to filter and draft animals based on whether they are in or out of their withholding period. Enter "0" if there is no withholding period listed on the label

  • Milk WHP - same as above except for Milk

  • Wool WHP - same as above except for Wool

  • Alert Qty - this is the quantity (in terms of UOM) that will trigger a notification for users who have enabled these on their account for the Farm. Note: This can be edited either in the row or by selecting Edit in the row overflow menu 

  • Current Qty - this is the quantity on hand based on the totals of the current qty for all purchases of the Health Treatment

  • Update Date - the date that the Health Treatment was added to the Farm or or last edited 

  • Overflow Menu (select 3 dots at end of row to display) - if selected, will present the following menu items

    • Use Instructions - will display an overlay box with Use Instructions that were entered for the Health Treatment

    • Label - will open a new widow with the url of the label (may download to device depending on device and url)

    • Edit - will display an overlay box with the Health Treatment information with all editable boxes (except name and unit of measure)

    • Disable - will present a dialog to confirm and, if confirmed, will hide health treatment from the screen and make it unavailable to add to an animal or Health Treatment event. Note: this will be labeled "Enable" if the treatment is currently disabled.

    • Add Purchase - will display an overlay box to enter Purchase details for the Health Treatment

  • Expand arrow - selecting this will display rows below the Health Treatment with Purchase information (most recent purchase on top)

  • Purchase Row details:

    • Expiration Date - this is the expiration date from the Health Treatment label

    • Batch # - this is the batch number from the Health Treatment label

    • Purchase Qty - this is the purchase quantity from the Health Treatment label (in UOM terms)

    • Current Qty - this is the current quantity for the purchase. This is updated every time the specific health treatment purchase is added to an animal. This can also be updated manually by selecting the field and entering a value (limited to purchase qty)

      • To ensure the automatic updating of the current qty is as accurate as possible, make sure to sync all farm tablets after the following changes:

        • Manual updating of this field​ on the web or tablet

        • Adding the health treatment purchase to an Animal or Non-ID Group (Animal / Non-ID Group, Filtered Animal List or Configured Event screen on the tablet)

      • Also, note that deleting a health treatment entry from an Animal or Non-ID Group record history will not increase the current qty

    • Update Date - this is the date the purchase was entered, current qty edited (automated or manual) or disabled

    • Overflow Menu

      • Disable - selecting this will hide the purchase details from this page and the tablet app(s) for the farm after sync. It will also update the Current Qty for the health treatment by removing any quantity associated with the disabled purchase.

View Treatment


  • The Current Qty will be updated on the tablet app every time a health treatment is administered to an animal and recorded in the system

  • This will be updated on the web portal and other tablets for the farm on sync

Add Health Treatment

Add Health Treatment

Health Treatments can be added to the Farm in the following ways:

  • Vets can add multiple treatments to a Farm using a management screen available only to vets that provide StockManager to their farmers

  • Any time a Treatment event is added to a Farm's Animal Health Plan by a vet, the system will add the related Health Treatment to the Farm's listing if it is not already added.

  • By selecting the ADD HEALTH TREATMENT button on this screen

To add Health Treatments on this screen:

  1. Select the ADD HEALTH TREATMENT button

  2. This will open an overlay screen to enter:

    • Health Treatment Name - Enter name of treatment

    • RVM - Select if Health Treatment is a Restricted Veterinary Medicine

    • Unit of Measure - select from the available values

    • Meat WHP (optional) - will be defaulted to zero if not entered

    • Milk WHP (optional) - will be defaulted to zero if not entered

    • Wool WHP (optional) - will be defaulted to zero if not entered

    • Alert Qty - (optional) - enter the quantity that will prompt an alert if the current quantity falls below this level

    • Use Instructions - (optional) - enter any use instructions for the Health Treatment

    • Label - (optional) - enter the url link to the label for the Health Treatment. NOTE: This field will only accept a web address URL

  3. The SAVE button will turn Green once all mandatory fields have been entered/selected. Once selected, the overlay screen will be removed and the Health Treatment details will be added to a new row below the header. If it has been added previously (same name and unit of measure), it will not create a duplicate entry but will move it to the top of the list and add any previously blank fields that have been entered.

  4. This will be updated on the farm tablets on sync

Edit Health Treatment

To edit and existing Health Treatments on this screen:

  1. Select the Edit menu item from the overflow menu at the end of the row

  2. This will open an overlay screen to edit any field except for the Health Treatment Name and Unit of Measure

  3. As soon as any field is changed, the SAVE button will turn Green. Once selected, the overlay screen will be removed and the changes entered will be saved.
  4. This will be updated on the farm tablets on sync
Edit Treatment
Disable / Enable

Disable/Enable Health Treatments & Purchases

Depending on farming practices, the list of Health Treatments and purchases may grow very large over the course of a few years. To help manage this, we have provided the ability to disable and enable Health Treatments and Purchases that are not relevant. Once a Health Treatment or Purchase is disabled, it will not be available to add to an animal record in any of the Animal Data Entry screens.

To Disable or Enable a Health Treatment or Purchase: 

  1. Select the row overflow icon (3 small dots at the end of the row)

  2. Select Disable - this will remove the Health Treatment (and all associated Purchases) or the Purchase specified from the list

  3. To see all disabled Health Treatments,  select the Show disabled checkbox at the top of the screen

  4. This will show disabled Health Treatments and Purchases, these can be easily differentiated based on light gray row shading
  5. To enable disabled items, select the three dots at the end of the row - this will show Enable​ if the item is currently disabled
  6. Select this and the Health Treatment  or Purchase will be enabled (indicated by white row background and Disable vs. Enable row menu option)
Add Purchase

Add Purchase

After a Health Treatment is added to the system, individual purchase details can be added to it. To do this:

  1. Select the row overflow (3 dots at the end of the HT row)

  2. Select Add Purchase menu item

  3. This will open an overlay box to add the following purchase details:

    • Expiration Date​
    • Batch Number
    • Purchase Quantity
    • Purchase Qty UOM (reference only based on Health Treatment UOM)
  4. Once you have entered all of the required data, the SAVE button will turn green.

  5. Once you select SAVE, it will remove the overlay box and add the purchase details to a new row in the history table that can be accessed by selecting the expand arrow at the end of the Health Treatment row. The current quantity in this row will be the same until the specific purchase has been administered to animals or the Current Qty has been modified within the purchase row. When the Current Qty changes on the Purchase row, it will also update the Current Qty value on the Health Treatment row by adding all Current Qty entries for all purchases.

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