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This screen provides the ability to search for and view individual Animal records across all farms associated with your account. You can quickly lookup an individual animal record by EID or combination of Animal Type - VID Year and VID number.

Once the record is found it will display all data entries to the record and allow you to sort the data as needed.  


Search Record

To search for an individual animal record:

  • Select the SELECT FARM down arrow and select a farm name from the list. This will activate the SEARCH ANIMALS button

  • Select SEARCH ANIMALS button. This will present the following screens:

    • ID Type

      • EID - if selected, will present a screen to enter the EID number.

      • Visual Tag- if selected, will present the following screens

        • Animal Type - Cattle, Deer or Sheep​

        • VID Year - 2007 to 2018

        • Visual Tag # - field to enter up to 20 characters

  • On COMPLETE using either method, it will look up and display the record if found (see below) or notify you that there is no matching record

Search Record

View Record

The screen displays the following information in the top section (note - some information may not be entered in the animal record)

  • Animal Type - Cattle, Deer or Sheep

  • Visual Tag Year - 2007 - Current

  • Visual Tag #​ - up to 20 characters

  • Tag Color - options cover all available colors from Allflex and Zee Tags

  • EID Number - up to 16 numbers

The bottom section will present the following information:

  • Data Element - the name of the data element added

  • Value - the specific value of the data element for the entry

  • Entry Type / Event Name - this indicates the function that was used to create the entry into the record. The options include:

    • Animal ​/ Non-ID Group - entries made in the Animal / Non-ID Group screen on the tablet app - Event Name will be blank

    • Filtered List -entries made in the Filtered Animal List screen on the tablet app - Event Name will be blank

    • Configured Event - entries made in the Configured Event screen on the tablet app - Event Name will be for the Configured Event used for the entry

    • EID Reader - entries made in the EID Reader File Import screen on the tablet app - Event name will be for the File Import name assigned during the import

    • Imported - entries made in Import Records screen in the web portal - file name of the import will be listed under Event Name. 

  • Event Name - only applies to Configured Event and EID Reader Entry Types

  • Date - The date and time that the entry was made to the database. NOTE: The format and date/time is based on device settings

View Record
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