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Weight Distribution


This chart provides the ability to select a weighing event and perform a simple weight distribution analysis of the event. This can be used for a variety of purposes including basic group analysis or determining drafting criteria for feeding plans or sale events.

After selecting an event, the event details will be displayed with the ranges set to evenly distribute the animals into 3 groups based on weight. To adjust the default settings, select either of the two slider dots and move to the left or right. The metrics shown above the slider will update dynamically. The response time will vary based on the number of animals in the event.  

Select / Change Event

To choose an Event to analyze:

  • Select the Animal Type tab at the top of the chart

  • Select the SETTINGS link at the bottom right of the chart

    • Note:  The page will display “Please select an Event in Settings” if no previous event was selected for the Animal Type and saved for the farm 

  • This will display an overlay dialog similar to what is shown below. To choose specific event for analysis:

  • To search for and select an event by name, select anywhere in the Events box and start typing the name of the event. This will show all events that match the entry. The list will become shorter as more characters are entered that match the names of events

  • To search for and select an event from a list, select the drop down arrow on the right side of the Events box. This will display a list of events for the Animal Type selected ​with most recent at the top. The information for events is listed in the following order:
    • Event Name - the name of the Event

    • Event Type - either ID or Non-ID Event​

    • Date and Time that the Event finished

  • Once an event is selected the SAVE button will activate. Select SAVE and the details of the event will be displayed in the chart quadrant.

Note: If an Event does not contain weight data it will be excluded from the list​​

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