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A simple, powerful tool to help you improve livestock results 

Finally, an intuitive and easy to use data collection & drafting tool for use in the yards with the integrated tools you need to make more effective, informed decisions.

What is StockManager?

StockManager is comprised of an offline Android tablet application that syncs to a companion website with one touch to ensure your data is secure and available to share with stakeholders.  

The tablet app manages all data capture and drafting in the yards - capturing EIDs and weights from external devices via Bluetooth - determining, displaying and broadcasting drafting direction. All data captured is readily available to integrated, powerful analysis, feed planning and reporting tools - all offline.

The companion website provides simple, robust tools to plan & monitor farm and stock events throughout the year and integrates with compliance reporting. All animal and group data captured on the tablet is available for analysis and charting of progress to goals & benchmarks. All without ever touching a session/CSV file. 

What makes StockManager different?

Controls the yards

StockManager is the ONLY app that manages the data collection & drafting process in the yards. EID Readers, scales and auto-drafters are controlled directly by the app which stores all data.

Collaborative planning

Easily create, view, share & monitor livestock plans by stock class. Collaborate with your vet to incorporate detailed animal health plans and manage it all in one place.

Easy to use

Powerful tools packaged in a 
simple, intuitive interface. All tablet functionality works completely offline.

Smart tag management

Import, validate and manage EID - VID tags effectively to ensure accurate, compliant records. All tag scenarios are accounted for including duplicate checks, replacements and merging EID and VID records if created independently.

No session - CSV files

Stop importing, exporting & managing session-CSV files just to do your job. Just capture data and instantly use it to make decisions. Sync to the website with one touch to secure it, analyze it and share it. 

Automated compliance

Stop taking extra steps to meet compliance requirements. StockManager automatically stock status, movement and health treatment and automates reporting. 

Built for farmers, by farmers

Designed, built & refined in collaboration with a dedicated group of local farmers and vets with a couple of simple goals. Make livestock farmers jobs easier and help them make more money with the resources they have. 

We have built just that. We started by eliminating the biggest barrier to getting results (session CSV file management) and then replaced clunky interfaces with streamlined, simple touch screen designs to make it easy to use.

If you are interested in being notified when StockManager is available, please register by selecting the button below and we will keep you up to date on progress.

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