For Farmers

Finish the job quickly, have confidence in your decisions and be done with work when you get home. Manage your business, not your files.

Built for and with farmers

Good software should help you get the job done faster, with better outcomes, than you could without it. StockManager was built by and in collaboration with other livestock farmers with this in mind. Each design decision was reviewed with farmers who use it every day to make sure it addressed the need in the simplest way, taking the least amount of time.

Focus on results

Plan for performance

Work with your vet to agree on focus areas and quickly setup a customized annual farm plan focused on these. Modify and refine the plan as conditions a change and collaborate with stakeholders on upcoming events.

The Farm Plan combines the best of a plan and a diary in a single, simple to use tool. Add Farm or Stock events to the plan at any time, schedule them based on fixed date or make them dependent on other events. View them by category by 6 months, month, week or day. Coming soon will be the ability to assign tasks to users and view only tasks that apply to a user.

Setup performance monitoring

Quickly know where you are at, where you are going and what progress you are making to goals. We've made it easy to configure a set of key performance indicator charts that leverage real-time data to identify your current state and progress to goals. 

By collaborating with your vet, they can add automated, real-time benchmarks to certain charts based on a similar farms so you can quickly see how your results stack up to your peers. Vets can also perform real-time metrics comparisons of any animal set on your farm vs a customizable peer set.

Make better breeding decisions

The biggest decision you make all year is which animals to breed. Effectively identifying culls from current breeding stock and picking the best replacements from offspring is key to improving your genetics. 

StockManager gives you the tools to augment physical inspection with hard data to improve your decision outcomes. Filter on selection criteria, view counts, calculate metrics for filtered group and, once identified, save animals to pre-defined breeding groups for later analysis or drafting.

Proactively plan animal health

Planning  for and maintaining animal health within defined parameters throughout the year key to improving results. The combination of a collaborative animal health plan and automated health treatment inventory tools make this easy.

Monitor & match feed to requirements

Having a real time understanding of where animals are, what their feed requirements are, feed days remaining and where they can be moved to is critical to being able to optimizing this task. 

StockManager, with the help of industry parters, has built an integrated set of tools that provide you this information in a single screen that is available on farm while offline. 

Optimize sale revenue

You only get a few big sale days every year. Making the right decision on sale timing and drafting criteria can have big impacts on results.

StockManager has built a powerful analysis tool that can be used on the day to determine optimal sale mix or beforehand to model different sale timing scenarios.  Get it right and optimize your revenue potential.

Minimize compliance work

Our approach to helping farmers meet compliance obligations is to make it an automatic byproduct of effectively managing your stock, health treatments and (coming soon) chemicals/fertilizers.

Required NAIT reporting is displayed according to changes in animal status and direct integration with NAIT systems enable you to initiate reporting with a single click and maintain a complete history of transmissions. For health treatments to be available to add to animal or group records, they need to be added to the system. From their, the system keeps track of expiration dates, current inventory and provides a full history of all records for review

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