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Built for and with farmers

Modern farming tools built by farmers

Designed, tested, and used on-farm by livestock farmers who are intimately familiar with today’s farming challenges, StockManager allows you to make informed decisions that improve your results.

Focus on results

1. What is my plan?

StockManager’s Farm Plan tool combines the best of a plan and a diary in a single, simple to use tool. Develop a plan on your own or collaborate with your vet to leverage pre-defined templates for each stock class that include detailed breeding, feeding, treatment and monitoring events.

The plan can be viewed by stock class over 6 months or on a calendar so that you always know what your next priority is and how it fits into the big picture. Grant access to your plans for your staff, vet or other stakeholders.

2. How is my farm performing?

Easily configure, change or modify performance charts that leverage real-time data to display results and progress to goals.

By collaborating with your vet, gain access to automated, real-time benchmarking data in charts or ad-hoc metrics comparisons of any animal set on your farm vs a customizable peer set.

3. Which animals should I breed?

The biggest decision you make each year is which animals to breed. Effectively identifying culls from current breeding stock and picking the best replacements from offspring is key to improving your genetics. ​

Analyze animals by breeding characteristics and save animals that meet criteria to breeding groups that you can use as drafting criteria to be augmented with physical inspection.

4. What is my animal health plan?

Planning for and maintaining animal health within defined parameters throughout the year is one of the keys to improving results.

The combination of vet-enabled animal health plans and automated health treatment inventory tools make this easy to implement. Being able to quickly capture and analyze animal data enables you to identify issues early and correct course before it’s too late.

5. How do I best utilize available feed?

Having a real-time understanding of available feed and quickly matching this to animal requirements is key to improving results. StockManager, with the help of industry partners, has built an integrated set of feed planning tools that combine to provide, on a single screen, all the tools you need to do this.

View where animals are, number of feed days left, calculate feed requirements for any group and assign them to available feed—all while on farm and offline.

6. How do I maximize sale revenue?

You only get a few big sale days every year. Making the right decision on sale timing and drafting criteria can have big impacts on results.

Built-in tools enable you to determine best sale mix on the day of or beforehand by modeling different sale timing scenarios. Get it right and maximize revenue.

7. Am I ready for audits?

Providing clear, auditable stock status and health treatment audit reporting is easy with StockManager. 

Anytime a tagged animal status changes, it is tracked for compliance reporting to NAIT. A full history of health treatment purchases is kept along with a record of when these have been administered to animals. No need to scramble at the last minute for audits.

The net result? Better outcomes for you and your stock.

StockManager enables informed decision making that produces better results, allowing you to spend less time farming and more time for what’s important.

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