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Dam Condition Score


This chart provides the ability to quickly view the count of female, breeding age animals (Dams) that are above or below a user defined minimum or maximum condition score threshold.  This can be used to understand the number of animals that need to be separated for specialized feeding to bring into optimal condition score range. 

Note: While this chart can be really helpful to manage condition score and, as a byproduct, improve conception rate, survival rate and weight gain metrics, it does require that breeding animals have individual records (EID &/or VID tags) with their birth date and gender recorded to be included automatically in the chart. 

Adjust Settings

We have worked with our research partners to establish default min/max condition score setting for the chart. To view or adjust these, select the SETTINGS link at the bottom right of the chart. This will open an overlay screen similar to what is displayed below. To adjust the min or max condition score for any animal type and month, place your cursor in the field showing the current value and edit it. As soon as any change has been made, the SAVE button on the top right will enable (turn Green). Select this to save all changes made.

To change time range of the chart, select the down arrow to the right of the current time range at the bottom left of the chart and select another available time range. 

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