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Annual - Scanning


Conducting pregnancy scanning and drafting of animals into Groups based on scan results can be accomplished using the following steps in StockManager: 

  1. Setup Group(s) (if applicable) in the system using the Groups screen

  2. Collect animal information and draft animals using the Configured Events screen 

  3. Assign animals to specialized treatment Groups using Filtered Animal List screen

Setup Groups

Setting up Group(s) to assign animals to based on scan results provides a simple way to collect data, plan feeding and monitor progress of these animals. 

The Group Settings screen displayed below shows a few examples of how scan result Groups can be setup:

  • The Non-ID Groups Mixed Age Ewes Dry/Singles, Twins, Triplets could be setup to track the average metrics and counts of mixed age ewes based on scan results and plan feeding

  •  ID Group Mixed Age Cows Dry/Singles could be setup to collect data, track counts and metrics based on scan result and plan feeding

Collect Data and Draft Animals

The Configured Events screen can be used to collect scan results and other data on animals in mating groups and use this to draft animals into Groups based on this.

The screens displayed below show an example of the setup (left) and event (right ) screen for a collecting scan results, conception phase and weight with drafting animals based on scan results. 

The screens displayed below show a similar setup for a drafting event of non-tagged animals where scan result, conception phase and weight is being collected and animals are drafted based on scan result. After this event is completed, the count of animals, the potential birth count, average scan result and average weight will be added to the Non-ID Group record.

To view details on non-tagged animals in a Non-ID Group event by draft direction, simply select the navigation icon on the top left of the screen (3 bars) before you finish the event and select Event Metrics from the menu. This will display a screen similar to what is shown below. In this case, the details associated with Forward draft direction can be used to update the Mixed Age Ewes Dry Non-ID Group record, First Left for Mixed Ages Ewes Singles, First Right for Mixed Age Ewes Twins, etc. 

Assign To Group By Draft Direction

When configuring Drafting, you are also presented the option to assign animals that draft in a certain direction to a specific group. This is an optional screen presented after the Draft Direction screen. Simply select the Group from the available values in the list and then add drafting criteria for the direction. Any ID animal that is drafted to this direction will be assigned to the group. For Non-ID Group events, the metrics associated with animals that draft in this direction will be added to that Non-ID Group record. 

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