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Use Cases

To help you get the most out of StockManager we have worked with our industry partners to develop a training framework that focuses on the following events and processes:

  • Annual - common set of livestock processes starting at breeding selection and ending at animal sale

  • Feeding - capturing current forage and feed levels, planning animal group requirements, assigning groups to paddocks/feed and monitoring

  • Animal Health - analyzing animals that required health treatments, administering/recording health treatments and evaluating the impacts of them

  • Specialty - incremental or specialty processes

    • Grazing - adds check-in, reporting and check-out processes


Annual Lifecycle

Process/Details Link          Description                                                                                                                                                        

Purchasing                          Entering animals into the system, collecting baseline data, drafting and NAIT receiving

Breeding Selection            Determine stock count, cover ratio, select Sire & Dam culls and replacement animals                                 

Pre-Mating                          Administer health treatments, collect condition details and draft for selective conditioning

Mating                                  Collect current state details and draft into mating groups

Post-Mating                        Collect current state detail and drafting for selective conditioning  

Scanning                             Collect current state detail and draft into scan result groups

Marking/Tailing                  Mark, treat, collect current state detail and NAIT reporting 

Weaning                              Collect current state detail, draft into sale, conditioning and potential replacement groups

Sale                                      Collect current state detail, draft into sale and conditioning groups and NAIT reporting


Feed Planning

Process/Details Link         Description                                                                                                                                                        

Feed Inventory                   Collect current state detail on paddock and feed store levels

Feed Planning                     Review current stock assignments, # of feed days left, calculate feed requirements and assign to paddocks/feed stores

Animal Health

Health Planning

Process/Details Link         Description                                                                                                                                                        

HT Analysis                        Analyze the impact of health treatments on real world performance between Control and Experimental Groups



Process Name                      Description       

Check-In                             Inventory animals in system, collect baseline data, report to client and NAIT receiving

Reporting                           Select Grazing Group and report counts and metrics to client

Check-Out                          Collect final animal data, draft into Grazing groups, report to NAIT and owners

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